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Jul 1, 2008 08:07 AM

Breakfast in Hoboken/West New York

I'm meeting someone in the morning next week, preparing to drive upstate, and I offered to cross from NYC into New Jersey to make things easier.

Is there some place convenient and inexpensive to have a leisurely breakfast while I wait for her? I was thinking of either Hoboken or West New York because they're so nearby.

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  1. Your criteria are at bit at odds for me, because I can recommend lovely, leisurely and low-key Anthony Davids. But it's not inexpensive and you still have to park in Hoboken. If you have a bit of time to drive around and are not rushed you should be able to find street parking.
    If you are content with a muffin and a good coffee, Empire Coffee on Bloomfield and 4th is a place to sit awhile and buy some beans.
    Legal Beans at Newark and Garden has a wider menu than Empire and more tables, but it can be difficult to park near there.
    There's the Turning Point at 14th Street if you want river views. The only do breakfast and lunch and have other locations down the shore.

    1. a diner such as the Malibu on 14th St. Go there.

      1. Don't miss 'La Isla' at 104 Washington St. in Hoboken for a great inexpensive Cuban breakfast. They have delicious omelettes/sides among other choices and terrific iced cafe con leche. It is a low key community place and nice to grab a seat at the counter to enjoy your meal.

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          La Isla is wonderful and certainly fits the delicious and inexpensive part of her query. But not the leisurely part. But for the hoboken-people watching it utterly reigns supreme.

        2. Thanks - and sorry if I wasn't clear: I'm arriving by bus or PATH, and will be on foot, and waiting, so I'm ideally hoping for something near the stations(s). La Isla sounds like a good possibility; I'll check the geography.

          1. Thanks, people - La Isla sounds perfect. I looked it up, and it cheap, breakfast-y, and near the station. Couldn't ask for anything better.