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Jul 1, 2008 07:30 AM

Cardamon Bakery North Park SD

A friend drove by Cardamon Bakery on 30th and Redwood yesterday and told me it was finally open. Has anyone been in?? (she's not a REAL friend, obviously, or she would have stopped and bought me something!!)

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  1. Everytime I go by they are closed -- odd hours, like 6 AM to 1 PM.

    This makes my patronage nearly impossible due to my odd schedule.

    I had their bread the other day at Searocket Bistro. Pretty good.

    1. Ok, went by yesterday morning at 8 AM. CLOSED. Maybe they aren't open on Monday.

      Went by again today, Tuesday at 8 AM. CLOSED.

      What gives?

      Sadly, I think I'm done even trying.

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      1. re: Ewilensky

        I can't find them open either.
        Go down to Azucar in OB, corner of Newport and Sunset Cliffs. OMG!! THe food is amazing!!

        1. re: nessy

          Azucar looks great and I will go by on a weekend. That Ginger scone sounds amazing.

          Cardamon was ideal since it was a 5 minute walk from my house.

          Alice -- I will say that on Saturday they were packed to the gills as I drove by. So they do good business... when they're open...

          But with their erratic and difficult hours, I must say, I think they'll go the way of Commonwealth Cafe ;-(

        2. re: Ewilensky

          Looks like they are closed on Mon and Tues, and only open until 2 PM on the days they are open. I have to say, on our one visit it wasn't very good. Alex's omelet was ok, but even so the eggs were overcooked, the french toast was dry and the baked goods were heavy and greasy. I was surprised and disappointed. I hope they get it together, because the neighborhood could really use a good coffee/breakfast/hangout.

        3. Went once a few weeks ago and had poor service and pretty mediocre egg sandwich and baked goods. I live in the area and hope that they are just having a few early hiccups, so I'll give it another chance. If the owners are reading, you really ought to consider opening earlier.

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          1. re: TXGSD

            And staying open later...

            Actually drove by on Wednesday and they were open. Sadly, had already gone to Rebecca's for a scone...

            1. re: TXGSD

              I had the same experience. The service was a little mixed up, and the whole system just a little too new. Give them a few weeks (months?) and I'm sure they'll at least get that down.

              On the completely nit-picking side, for a place that bills itself as being a "bakery", I find it very odd when there were very few things in the bakery case or behind the counter. Not to mention the size of the goods themselves. For instance, the croissants were about the size of a toddler's hand.

              1. re: TXGSD

                We were so excited to see it finally open. We ate there on July 4th for breakfast. I loved my chorizo omelet with jalepeno cream. The home fries were tasty and the service was friendly. I do agree that the bakery case seemed lacking. We'll be back this summer to check them out again.

              2. Well I went there for breakfast this morning, and it was excellent. I had a wonderful "North Park" omelet with chicken sausage, rosemary toast, and bottled sweetened yerba mate tea. For dessert, I bought a moist almost croissant with a sweet sugary filling. Mmm! They have breakfast and lunch and are open until 1 pm during the week and 2 pm on the weekend.