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Jul 1, 2008 07:23 AM

Gluten-Free Restaurants

Hi all...I'm posting for a friend.

She's looking for a restaurant in downtown DC (preferably near Metro Center) that has specialities/caters to/has some items to help out someone who is allergic to gluten. She wants to take a friend out for her b-day and is not sure where to go.

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  1. No one is biting, so I'll try! I know there's some debate about whether rice is gluten-free, based on whatever they use to fortify it. But if she eats rice, then Oya might be a good place. They have breads and pastas, but I think she could do well and avoid them.

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      Thanks so much katecm. I know absolutly nothing about gluten-free diets. But I'm sure the menu doesn't need to specifically be all gluten-free just gluten-free friendly. Oya is a good idea.

    2. Here is a link, but I cannot vouch for the integrity of the information:

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        1. Most, if not all, of Jose Andres' restaurants have a special menu that lists all of their gluten-free items. I took a friend who is allergic to gluten to Oyamel in Dec and she was happy with her selections. Jaleo and Zaytina are likely to have similar policies.