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Jul 1, 2008 07:06 AM

Something around Streetlight Records on 24th?

Hi SF Board!

I have some business near Streetlight Records on 24th Street in S.F. this coming Sunday - and I do not really know that area - been going to S.F. for decades, but haven't been on 24th Street in ages. I do not know the street address I'm going to be at, but it's very near old favorite Streetlight (which I think used to be where Aquarius Recs. was, once upon a time?).

Looking for anything near there open and serving a meal (draft beer a plus) on Sunday afternoon - only real req. is that it be open & serving, minus hookas (currently an unusual trend in L.A., unfortunately). Middle eastern, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, coffee shop, steak house - all OK. What's walking distance (and decent to eat / drink) from Streetlight Records on 24th St.?

Many thanks in advance - this board has never failed me yet.

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  1. On that block you have a taqueria (LaCornetta??), a brand new and very good coffee shop (Toast Eatery, where Herb's was for decades) and a Peruvian restaurant (Fresca). All will be open Sunday.

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    1. re: NoeMan

      Thanks for the Toaste Eatery tip, NoeMan - I presume Toast Eatery serves more than breakfast?

    2. That's squarely in the Noe Valley business district, so you could do a Noe search. There's nothing in Noe Valley that excites me personally. Some people like Fresca. Avoid Savor and Pasta Pomodoro for sure. Barney's Burgers are okay, nothing exciting. I'm thinking Mi Lindo Yucatan II would be the best choice.

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      1. re: Atomica

        Mi Lindo Yucatan has been my choice the few times I've not wanted to venture far from 24th Street.

        Another option nearby, a longer but reasonable walk, would be Fattoush on Church. They are open until 3:30 for brunch on Sundays and have a patio if the weather is nice (and ambiance is nicer than MLY, IMO, since the former is small and can get cramped when crowded). Yes, it is Middle Eastern, but no hookahs.

        Mi Lindo Yucatan
        4042 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

        Fattoush Restaurant
        1361 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114

        1. re: susancinsf

          Many thanks for the Fattoush recommendation; I love middle eastern but really dislike hookas of any kind (if I am eating).

      2. Do yourself a favor and walk back down the hill to 24th in the Mission, or up Valencia. Or even over the hill to the Castro (Thai House Express, Kasa). The options are both cheaper and better.

        I haven't tried the new Toast, but generally the neighborhood is a fine place for a cup of coffee (and that's all). Bernie's, the coffee place across from Streetlight, where Spinelli's used to be, is good.

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        1. re: Windy

          I agree with Windy. If you have time, walk down the hill and hit one of the many, many great places to eat along Valencia and elsewhere in the Mission.

        2. I disagree with the Hounds that commented here, IMO there are some excellent places in Noe (lots of Italian for some reason). You'll do just fine on the block you are on as I mentioned in my previous post and save yourself the walk. I agree to avoid Savor (I call it No Flavor), but not Pomodoro (they get an unfair chain rap, when really the guy started on a shoestring and yes took a minority investment (20%) from PepsiCo when he got to about 30 units statewide, but the Noe one still has the charm and quality of the original days). We love LeZinc, Lupa and Bacco in old Noe, and La Ciccia and Incanto in new Noe (outer Church). It's all a matter of opinion obviously, and prices do not factor into the formation of mine, unless truly exorbitant.

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          1. re: NoeMan

            I love Bacco and La Ciccia also, but neither are open on Sunday afternoon.(nor is Incanto). All would be good choices if OP were looking for a Sunday night dinner recommendation.

            1. re: susancinsf

              I am the OP - it may be a Sunday afternoon meeting, not certain. I just wanted some options for the immediate area, as it may be up to me to suggest a place to eat - and I am unfamiliar with what goes on in that neck of the woods, as regards restaurants / cafes etc.

            2. re: NoeMan

              Pomodoro is a chain. There are 43 locations, and even their website labels them a chain.

              1. re: NoeMan

                Does the Noe Pomodoro still serve breakfast on the weekend? Not a whiff of "quality" comes through in that endeavor.

              2. Incanto, opens at 5:30 on Sunday afternoon. Amazing all around.
                Eric's (Chinese) at 27th and Church -- excellent, the spicy eggplant is one of my favorite dishes in all the Bay Area (this is the eggplant at the back of the menu -- there are two on the menu)
                Hamano Sushi at Castro and 24th.
                Le Zinc.
                La Ciccia.
                Near Dolores Park (20th): Delfina followed by Bi-Rite Creamery.Gourmet pizza and ice cream (the salted caramel has to be some of the best ice cream I've ever had).
                Mission St area food (look for specific recs in the Mission and Valencia Street).
                Not much in the Castro, but give that a search as well...terrible parking.

                Sunday afternoon may present a problem, after lunch/brunch service and before dinner, so check the hours of service and call for a res.

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                1. re: maria lorraine

                  I'd rate Eric's as mediocre at best, certainly not excellent. When was the last time you ate there? Ditto for Hamano sushi.

                  Delfina is another place, like Incanto and La Ciccia, that doesn't open until dinner hours, which sounds like it will be too late for OP.

                  1. re: susancinsf

                    True re: Sunday hours for Delfina restaurant, but Pizzeria Delfina next door is open from noon on (assuming this is what maria meant when referring to pizza).

                    Also, re maria's post, both DP an Bi-Rite Creamery are on 18th Street, a farther (and hilly) hike from 24th.

                    1. re: Frosty Melon

                      Susan's comment regarding Eric's: I have my favorite dishes at Eric's -- the spicy eggplant, Kung Pao chicken -- that are excellent in my mind (favorable comments also on this board) -- but in no way does this mean Eric's is excellent in the overall Chinese-food scheme of things in SF. A good option for Noe Valley/24th Street.

                      More threads on 24th St./Noe Valley restos and some good and not so good comments on Eric's:


                      Thanks for your clarifications, Frosty Melon. It is Pizzeria Delfina.

                      And yes, PD and Bi-Rite are both are 18th Street, a jog up from 24th Street, but a very short and beautiful drive down Dolores Steet. (Parking always a challenge.)

                    2. re: susancinsf

                      Hamano used to be good and had serious slippage in quality quite some time ago.