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Jul 1, 2008 06:42 AM

Fruit Soups

I am having a brunch in early August and for a first course, I want to do fruit soup
shooters - three flavors. I already have strawberry and canteloupe and wanted to do
a chocolate soup but I don't have any recipe for it. Does anyone have something like that
in their collection? Or perhaps a third fruit suggestion such as peach that tastes great?

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  1. The classic is sour cherry, and there must be a zillion recipes for that on line. Sour cherries are just coming into the farmer's markets, and I always buy a ton and freeze them for later use. They freeze beautifully, and would be in great shape to make a soup in August.

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      This is my Hungarian family sour cherry soup recipe, it is served in bowls. Not sure if glasses will work as cherries are sinkers.

      2 lb. sour cherries, cleaned and pitted
      1/2 cup sugar or to taste
      1 cup sour cream (I use light)
      2 tsp almond flavoring (I use Amaretto liquer)

      In 2-3 qt. sauce pan, cook cherries, sugar, and 4 cups water for 10-15 min till cherries are cooked and sugar is dissolved. Make sure you taste mixture, we don't like it very sweet, you might need more sugar. Add almond flavoring or liquer, cook another 2-3 minutes. Cool mixture in storage bowl in fridge, will keep several days. Just before serving, mix in sour cream with whisk till very well incorporated. Serve cold. Serves 4-6.

    2. I am not usually a big fan of sweet fruit soup, but last week I was at friends' and was served a wonderful cold green fruit soup whose main ingredients were honeydew, kiwi and mint. Fresh blueberries floated on top as a garnish. It was a hot night, and the soup was pretty to look at, delicious and refreshing.

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        Me too, I'm in favor of using the green melon along with strawberry and cantelope. Perhaps leaning towards more of the cucumber, to introduce another flavor? What a terrific idea, I need the ideas too!

      2. I second the green soup idea -- and it would make a great color addition to your canteloupe and strawberry. Cucumber and honeydew is a great combo...

          1. Watermelon and lime would be good. Blueberry would be intriguing -- I've never tasted blueberry soup but there are a bunch of recipes online.