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Jul 1, 2008 06:23 AM

Thoughts on Banq?

Hi All,

I'm back in Boston for a visit in July and my parents made a reservation at Banq so my bf and I could celebrate my Mom's birthday. Thoughts on this restaurant? Any must try items?

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  1. I wished the food matched up with the spectacular decor.

    1. My father loves it. I went with him on one occasion, and it just didn't jell for me. The decor is great and it is not too noisy (which is one of my fathers most important criteria for a good restaurant). The food was fine, but not at all memorable (I have absolutely no recollection of the specifics of my meal a month later). When I have been asked about it since, I have generally summed up my experience by saying that the food was fine, but it seemed overly fussy. As a disclaimer, I had just returned from eating street food in Vietnam, so it is possible that any american restaurant would have seemed fussy that weekend, but it was one of those places where the menu reads way better than the food actually is.

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        Hmmmm that's a little disappointing. I thought the menu looked interesting. Perhaps we should look elsewhere.

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          As I said, my father loves it, and has been several times. It is truly beautiful inside. The noise level is not excessive. There certainly wasn't anything terrible, it just didn't impress me. Their biggest problem may be that the menu sounds so good ("food poetry" says the Globe) that the execution could never attain such heights...

          I would certainly give it another try - might order differently next time. On the other hand, there are a lot of restaurants that I would like to try, and so little time.

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            how would you order differently if you don't remember what you ordered?

      2. I had dinner there a few weeks ago; have also been for drinks. The food and service are very good but I thought the noise level was excessive - i.e., it's hard to have a conversation without almost shouting. The decor is fabulous though.

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          Stunning decor - to sit in the Banyan-tree inspired room is almost worth it by itself.

          For the mains, stick with one of the fish dishes - there were two white fish on the menu at my last visit - DC and I each had one and both were excellent - . For starters, try the veal cheek salad - original and delicious

        2. haven't tried the food yet, but really like the cocktail list. i love the japanese sidecar and the 540 is really good too.

          1. I like the food, but consistency is a problem. After a couple of good to excellent early experiences, I had a really bad meal there on a busy Saturday night: nothing arrived at our table hot. More recently, I had a terrific meal on a quieter weeknight. One more reason to avoid South End restaurants on weekends.