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Jul 1, 2008 05:59 AM

Is there a covered market in the Chicago area?

I've always wondered about there a big covered market anywhere, along the lines of Chelsea Market in NYC, in the area? It would be wonderful to find someplace with local produce, fresh fish, unique baked goods, etc. with a community feel - anyone know of anything like it? Maybe I'm just hoping...

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    1. re: lbs

      The Green City Market is outside, not covered. There is a sporadically-open indoor component in the winter.

      Otherwise, no: there is no covered market here.

    2. We definitely don't have that yet, but there are plans under discussion for the construction of a permanent all-season farmer's market in downtown Waukegan.

      I really miss the enclosed markets I grew up with in southwestern Ontario; it seems absurd that we don't have any here.