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Jul 1, 2008 05:50 AM

getting dessert around the new waterfalls?

Is there a great ice cream place, takeout place etc where you could pick something up and then stroll on over to the viewpoints for the Manhattan falls (South Ferry terminal, South Street Seaport, Manhattan side of the Brooklyn bridge, Water St.) ?

I was thinking Chinatown Ice cream factory. I think Dessert Truck is a little far. I would love any suggestions.

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  1. This reply is actually for the OB board, but I personally think the best way to view the waterfalls is with a walk over the brooklyn bridge (you can see all four on the walk if you count looking below your feet through the slats to see the on on the brooklyn bridge). When you get to the other side stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory for amazing ice cream, and then just to your left is Pier 1 which has a view of all four waterfalls as well as a concession set up by the Rice people selling beer, wine, sangria, corn with cheese, fries etc...

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      Brooklyn ice cream factory, hands down. Perfect place to view the falls and best ice cream in the 5 boroughs. Then take a water taxi back to Pier 17 for an even better view.

    2. I saw in the Daily News that Jacques Torres is selling frozen hot chocolate-I haven't had it, but I love the hot hot chocolate...
      By the way, you could walk over the Manhattan bridge and walk back on the Brooklyn bridge-and if you stop for chocolate and ice cream, that's exactly what you should do.