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Jul 1, 2008 05:02 AM

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

Michael Landrum, the owner of Ray's the Steaks in Arlington (and Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring) is opening is latest venture today - the long awaited Butcher Burgers - aka Ray's Hell Burgers, in the same strip as RTS (1713 Wilson Blvd). I'm not affiliated with this venture in any way at all, but a huge fan of both RTS and RTC, so I thought I'd pass along the news.

It sounds like it's a very straightforward burger place - charcoal grilled 10oz premium and prime aged beef burgers, with a choice of toppings. Most of the (free!!!) toppings are easily recognizable to anybody who's ever eaten at RTS: sauteed mushrooms, grilled red onions, beefsteak tomatoes, roasted garlic, and also sauteed peppers and charred jalapeno peppers. Bacon and guacamole are also available for a charge, as will be a number of great cheese toppers- aged Vermont cheddar, Danish Bleu, Italian Gorgonzola, Swiss Swiss, smoked mozz, Brie and many others. Even Epoisse. Imagine a medium rare Epoisse bacon burger! oh my.

In summer, corn on the cob and a slice of watermelon will be on the side, gratis.

And to make it even more irresistable, there is Dominion rootbeer on tap and a bunch of Moorenko ice cream flavors to add for a rootbeer float or just a scoop.

I don't know what the price point is, but hope to find out soon from personal experience. And no, no fries. :)

It is supposed to be open every evening at 5pm, and weekends starting at noon.

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  1. I blogged on it below, under the heading "The Single Best Bang for the Buck in the D.C. Area."

    It is, believe it or not, $6.95. And it's delicious.

    1. sounds great. i'm pretty sure i'll be there tonight, but wow, i totally expect the lines to be worse here than at RTS.

      aren't they also opening a ray's the classics in the navy league building?

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      1. re: kneelconqueso

        The great thing is that if the line is too long at RTS, Landrum can tell disgruntled patrons to go to Hell!

      2. Does anyone know if they will be doing takeout?

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        1. re: chowmac

          Yes, they will be doing takeout!

        2. uh... awesome! crackers thx for the breaking news... again!

          1. Holy crap. Already 30 minute waits at 5:30pm today.

            Luckily, I got there at 5:00. :-)

            Go. Go now. You will not find a better $7 burger anywhere. Does it compare to Palena/Central? Well, it's not the same kind of upscale atmosphere, no brioche bun, no table service. But it's freakin $7, and it's made from the same aged steaks that Landrum is already serving at RTS.

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            1. re: DanielK

              I waited about 20-25 minutes when I got there at 7:45. And it was worth the wait. DanielK is right, it's a different atmosphere from Palena/Central, but the meat is obviously prime and freshly ground. Michael was butchering it right behind the counter. I love the root beer on tap - my float kept me satisfied until my burger was done.

              1. re: cookiegirl

                This place serves serious burgers for serious people. The Diablo (with a spicy chipolte marinade) is a wonderful piece of meat. The buttery corn on the cob and the watermellon are nice, refreshing sides. The service obviously needs to work out some kinks, but it was opening night and the meat and its preparation was impeccable. Not to mention everything was FREE. It was a wonderful surprise to find that they were not charging for anything tonight.

                1. re: cookiegirl

                  i think we waited for 20 minutes or so as well. i really didnt mind, since the burger was amazing and the food was free anyway.

                  i am pretty sure this is the best burger ive ever had.