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Where to find Mister Softee?

Anyone else a fan of soft-serve ice cream from the white & blue trucks? I'm working on a Google map of Mister Softee trucks in NYC and would love to know about any truck locations you're aware of. Feel free to collaborate on the map directly if you're interested. Thanks!


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  1. There's usually one at 39th and Broadway in the afternoons.

    Those root beer floats were a major part of my youth- does anybody know what kind of root beer they're using these days?

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      Saw another one today around lunchtime at 33rd at Park Ave.

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        Late afternoons
        West 92nd Street and Columbus Avenue
        West 93rd Street and Broadway

      2. Why don't you ask the Mr Softee people. Chowhound is probably not the best source for the info. The trucks also move around.

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          A friend recently observed that not all the softserve trucks carry the Mr. Softee brand logo, although they all seem to have blue and white trucks and serve more or less the same products.

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            chowhound is a fine source saw truck today at apprx 35 and 7 th ave..

          2. Often there is one on 54th and 3rd (NE Corner) - by the poost office.

            1. How fun! I work in the Columbus Circle area and for years they have been at 57th and Broadway and also on 60th and Broadway. Given the traffic constraints in the city, it seems a lot of them have regular spots. Happy Summer!!

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                  In the same neighborhood as ^, near the Met on 5th avenue between 84th & 86th streets (at least on weekends).

                  There used to be one (sometimes two!) on 5th avenue near 16th street; also, one occasionally near 6th avenue & 18th street. Not sure whether the trucks frequent either of these locations currently.

                  And occasionally the southwest corner of Union Square, near 14th st and University.

                  1. in the evenings, Sheridan Square

                    1. Usually always a Mr. S near Broadway and Wall Sts by Trinity Church

                      1. I usually see one on 14th and 1st, right by the 8th Ave.-bound L train entrance. From what I've seen, it's usually there in the afternoon/evenings on weekdays, although I don't know specific times. I'll let you know if it's there on my walk home tonight or not.

                        There's also occasionally one on 5th ave and 16th street on weekends.

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                          ETA: 14th and 1st still there, 5th and 16th also spotted on a weekday, and I saw one on 57th and 8th today at around 1pm.

                              1. 39th and 5th, red and white truck tho.

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                                  72nd and columbus typically on weekends

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                                    e 13th st and broadway right by the movie theatre

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                                      more UWS - 73rd/Bwy, 82nd/Bwy - both on west side of Bwy. Sometimes 80th/Bwy on the east side - mainly weekends

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                                        agreed. i think i've seen one outside of loew's near w68 and brdwy..

                                  2. Astor Place after the Mud Truck leaves in the evening. Make mine a chocolate shake. Let's hear that Mr. Softee theme song-doo da doo da doo da doo doo doo doo da doo doo.

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                                      Bleecker and Bway across from Two Boots

                                    2. The other night I got a cone from one parked on the North side of Houston between 1st and 2nd. Not sure if it's there regularly.

                                      1. Just thinking of Mr. Softee makes me hate Pinkberry and the other yoghurt based products all the more. Nothing like soft-serve. I wish I could marry into the Carvel family...

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                                          Recently I paid $12 for two unsatisfying Pinkberrys. Never again--not even for free.

                                          Also recently, we tried McDonald's cones for the first time. About $2.50 for two, a bargain in the heart of Times Square! And they were really good. This is going to be my new recession treat.

                                          BTW, does anyone know what the Mr. Softee trucks charge for a cone? I keep going by the trucks and noticing that the prices are not posted next to the pictures. I'm suspecting that's because it's expensive.

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                                            The softserve trucks on E.86th st charge $2.50 per cone.

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                                              The one at 14th & 1st ave charges only $2.

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                                              The one at Bleeker and Broadway sometimes charges me $2.50 and sometimes $2.00 (I think their usual is $2.50 but if you ask for an "extra small" they charge you $2.00). By the way, some may be vanilla-cone purists, but I love this dip - forget what it's called - that my Bleeker & Broadway truck does: first a dip in the chocolate, then a dip in the chocolate cookie crumb. Chocolate-y goodness!

                                              I second your suggestion for McDonald's soft serve. I love those cones.

                                              And BTW, this is off-topic to Mr. Softee but my only regret about New York is that there is no Dairy Queen. I have not yet tried any version of soft serve that beats good old DQ. And I love the shape of it, too - two large mounds one piled on top of the other like round, creamy marshmallows. Not too rich (I find that Mr. Softee can be a bit rich) and an extremely satisfying, creamy and smooth consistency.

                                          2. The truck is always outside of my office on the SE corner of 48th and 3rd.

                                            1. 57th and 8th has mr. softee.
                                              50th and 8th has softserve truck called something else

                                                1. There's usually one by Bed, Bath, and Beyond at 6th and 18th.

                                                  1. 2 of them at 34th and Broadway, one on the NE corner, the other on the SW corner.

                                                    1. southwest corner of 43rd & 5th

                                                      1. Right in front of the exchange, on Wall Street

                                                        1. 21st and Broadway. There during lunch hours on weekdays for sure.