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Jul 1, 2008 03:38 AM

Where to find Mister Softee?

Anyone else a fan of soft-serve ice cream from the white & blue trucks? I'm working on a Google map of Mister Softee trucks in NYC and would love to know about any truck locations you're aware of. Feel free to collaborate on the map directly if you're interested. Thanks!

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  1. There's usually one at 39th and Broadway in the afternoons.

    Those root beer floats were a major part of my youth- does anybody know what kind of root beer they're using these days?

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    1. re: TongoRad

      Saw another one today around lunchtime at 33rd at Park Ave.

      1. re: TongoRad

        Late afternoons
        West 92nd Street and Columbus Avenue
        West 93rd Street and Broadway

      2. Why don't you ask the Mr Softee people. Chowhound is probably not the best source for the info. The trucks also move around.

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        1. re: Geo8rge

          A friend recently observed that not all the softserve trucks carry the Mr. Softee brand logo, although they all seem to have blue and white trucks and serve more or less the same products.

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            chowhound is a fine source saw truck today at apprx 35 and 7 th ave..

          2. Often there is one on 54th and 3rd (NE Corner) - by the poost office.

            1. How fun! I work in the Columbus Circle area and for years they have been at 57th and Broadway and also on 60th and Broadway. Given the traffic constraints in the city, it seems a lot of them have regular spots. Happy Summer!!

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                  In the same neighborhood as ^, near the Met on 5th avenue between 84th & 86th streets (at least on weekends).

                  There used to be one (sometimes two!) on 5th avenue near 16th street; also, one occasionally near 6th avenue & 18th street. Not sure whether the trucks frequent either of these locations currently.

                  And occasionally the southwest corner of Union Square, near 14th st and University.