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Jul 1, 2008 03:18 AM

Is there a good trendy restaurant? [Buenos Aires]

I am having trouble deciding on a restaurant. This is in part from looking at so many ChoHound form reviews! We will be in BA five nights and I have decided we will probably try to dine at La Brigada, La Cabrera, Thymus, And Defensa al Sur. On the night I have left I want to go to a trendier place, but I have read good and bad reviews about most of them. I am considering Cluny, Bar Uriarte, Sucre, Gran Bar Danzon, Chila, Bobo. Which one should I choose? Should I go to La Brigada for lunch?

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  1. i enjoyed bar uriarte y casa cruz both within walking distance. bar uriarte you will definitely need reservations. casa cruz is beauitful, dark, handsome.

    1. Hi, If I were you I would run to La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar, Bolivar 865 entre Independenica and Estadoes Unidos, San Telmo, fono: 4361-4707.

      What follows is our review of the restaurant that is posted on Chow under "Buenos Aires, Argentina Restaurant Reviews, etc. by ALEDM" at: (there are many other posts raving about that restaurant on the South America Board, just do a search on the name of the restaurant).

      La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar provides the kind of dining experience that we dream about even though the place and the decor aren't great. The food is imaginative, creative, delicious and beautifully presented. The service is a delight and the chef, Alejandro Digilio, is attentive and charming. The space is barely comfortable enough (it is as if buses are driving through it) and would be better if curtains were on the windows. It is fun, however! All four of us are devotées now. We were offered 3 different amuse bouches: flat breadsticks to drip with olive oil and then with one of 3 different preparations to sprinkle on top of them: salt, salami and herbs, also tempura vegatables with basil and dill, and an avocado dish with onions in a small shot glass. Even though all of the dishes are served in small portions (at AP$17 each), we ordered 2 of each for each couple to share, except for the pea soup and desserts. We ordered 4 soups and were happy we did. The other dishes we ate with gusto were: papa huevo trufa con espuma de papa, bondiola, reduction de citricos y vegetales, sardines with figs, mollejas, calabazas, y aire de najanja, and carrillera, consume ahumado, cochinillo ciruelas, and bife, chimichurri, tomatoes asados, besugo y jugo. How we also ate 4 desserts is answered with how good they were. Go and enjoy a talented chef. Rating: 8.5/10

      Or go to Resto or Bo Bo....

      1. Hi again, dm of aledm says that the restaurants I recommended aren't trendy. If you want trendy (as well as excellent), we recommend
        1. Le Bistro, Faena + Universe, Martha Salotti 445, Puerto Madero fono: 4010-9200, This is an excerpt from our review:
        The chef is Mariano Cid de la Paz and the food was fabulous and so was the service. The food was tasty, innovative and decidedly molecular. The music piped throughout the hotel and into the restaurant is inappropriate, horrible and seriously interfered with the enjoyment of the meal (even though the staff turned the volume down). The design of the dining room (and the hotel) by Philippe Starck is atrocious but doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of the food. The price is over-the-top, however. We spent AP$574 and ordered 6 dishes. Exchange rate: AP$3.09 = US$1.
        2. Club Museo Renault, Alcorta 3399, fono: 4802-9626, (Walter Boaglio), e-mail:, web: We've had two delicious (light) gnocchis/noquis de calabaza lunches.

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          If you really want trendy, which means not in every guide book and tourist blog....go to 647 Dinner Club. The food is excelent and the place is without a doubt the best looking place in the city by a long way! Check out there web site and you will see yourself I believe(i was told) that it is in this years Conde Nast Hot Tables for 2008.