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Jul 1, 2008 12:16 AM

Barney Greengrass favorites

I'm going to Barney Greengrass for lunch today (first time.) My choice probably after reading a good number of opinions comes down to the novie and eggs w. onions or sturgeon/novie sandwich--What do you think between those choices? Both sound great to me... Alternatives to those 2?

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  1. The nova and eggs are really a wonderful treat, but I think the buttery nova better shines uncooked on a sandwich, though their bagels are hit-or-miss. If I'm getting eggs, my preference is for lox. The salt and cure just seems to have so much more flavor, but then again, I'm a salt fiend.

    1. im generally more of a fan of the sandwiches/platters than the eggs, both at barney greengrass and elsewhere. i feel like if you're going to have some of the best nova around, its a waste to mix it in with eggs and lose the chance to really enjoy it.

      i almost always get an appetizer or platter of nova plus something else (typically the whitefish salad or the sturgeon). hard to miss though. also highly recommend getting the potato pancakes if they've got them.

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        The best bet is to get a platter to share: sable, nova, whitefish (a slice, not the salad, imho) or sturgeon, plus all the fixings which comes with it. I like a toasted bialy. Top it with a glass of borscht and your done. enjoy.

        1. re: thalthewall

          Nope, Barney's nova eggs and onion soft scrambled with 2 plain untoasted bagels is the best breakfast in the known universe. Just put egg on the bagel and eat your way to heaven.

        2. I got the blintzes. They were fantastic. I never eat them, so it was a real treat, and really sent me back to my formative years. My husband got the potato pancakes and applesauce, and loved them. I am thinking you can't go wrong at that fine establishment.

          I was also wanting the nova and eggs and sturgeon, Next time, I guess. You can really overdo it at that place, it is great.

            1. Ok--Just got back. Split the sturgeon/novie/whitefish platter--Couldn't have been happier!