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Jun 30, 2008 11:32 PM

La Querencia now open in Chula Vista

Not sure yet if there is a connection to the Tijuana restaurant of the same name. I am excited to check it out - especially for the guajolotes!

Hopefully this restaurant can be added to our growing list of Mexican restaurants we San Diegans can be proud of.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi k_r

      I checked the website, and it only has info about the main TJ location, with no mention of the new restauraants.

      The email address is

      1. Just heads up. they are not connected

        1. I liked this place so much when I went with my mom a few weeks ago, that I decided to go back this time with my hubby. I warned him ahead of time that the place has slow staff and he agreed to be patient and give it a try. Man, was this visit a mistake!

          We arrived at the restaurant for dinner and there was one other table full - a family of four. They had ordered and were receiving their food when we were seated - rather I should say when we sat down at a selected table without being even greeted by the staff. About 7-8 minutes later, there was still nobody else in the restaurant but the waitress had not yet come by.

          A few more minutes passed and a cook walked over and took our drink orders and brought chips and salsa. Hubby and I looked over the menu while enjoying the three salsas on the tray. We made our selections (which I am not even going to review) and waited for the cook to come by again to take the order. Hubby chose a sope, flauta and gordita combo with rice and beans and I chose a torta a la carte with a side of rice and beans. All the while, the waitress had walked by numerous times, looked at us but not directed a word.

          The cook made his way to our table once more and took the order. Several minutes passed and hubby had finished his drink, so we looked around for someone to request a refund from, but saw no one. Hubby had no drink while we continued to eat chips and salsa for ten additional minutes.

          The cook came again from the kitchen and brought out my meal. He said my hubby's would not be done for a while longer because they make their own masa and it takes a while and he didn't want mine to get cold. (Uhm.... this i have issues with... as a cook specializing in Mexican cuisine, I know masa for sopes is not a valid excuse for a disorganized kitchen prep. Chorizo and carne asada do not cook quicker than fried masa in hot oil). So I ended up sharing part of my meal with hubby because his cute little eyes just stared at my plate as he wondered when he was going to receive his meal.

          A few more minutes pass (see a trend?) and hubby's incomplete meal is brought to the table. He had to ask for silverware after the dish was delivered. By this time, half of my meal was done. His meal was missing rice, beans and a gordita. I never received my rice and beans. The gordita was brought out after hubby had finished the two other components of the combo. We saw no other staff until about 15 minutes after we were done eating, when we purposely made eye contact with a passing waitress. She came over and asked, "Are you guys okay?". We asked for the bill and hubby asked not to be charged for the parts of the meal which never arrived. The waitress told him he would be discounted 75 cents. Hubby pointed out rice and beans a la carte were an extra $1.50, so he requested an additional FIFTY CENT reduction off the bill. The waitress argued and told him the combo price is discounted and refused to give him the $1.50 off and absolutely no apologies for the ludicrous service. For a month old restaurant in a saturated market, that was a very, very poor decision.

          May they fail.