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Jun 30, 2008 11:32 PM

Fish. restaurant, Sausalito report w/ pics

I've been wanting to eat at Fish. forever, and finally made it on Sun 6/29/08.

Friend was driving so don't know really how to get there, but heard you can get there by ferry, though it's kinda far from the ferry stop - maybe 1-2 miles.

Nice looking restaurant with dining indoors & outside on their patio with views of yachts & Tiburon.


We got:

soft shell crab sandwich $20 - hubby liked it, though felt it was too greasy and made him feel not well after eating it.

Hog Island Kumamoto raw oysters - 6 for $18 - tasty, but expensive.

bowl of white chowder $ 7 - fine, nothing special

tuna melt w/ salad instead of fries that come with it - $13 - expensive, but tasted fine.

iced tea $2 - fine

Blonde Point Beer $ 5- local beer I guess. Husband thought it was alright.

Friend got an Apple Cherry Crisp $9. Pretty big, served hot. Nice crumbly crust & liked the cherries, apples just ok. With dollop of cream on top.


Bathrooms: NONE in the restaurant, have to use the public bathrooms in the building next door.

Parking: lot though the Yacht parking entrance seemed not for Fish. we just parked by Fish. anyways.

Close to Bay Model - cool hydraulic model that's FREE to see.

My pics:

350 Harbor Dr, Sausalito, CA 94965

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  1. Love Fish and love your pix. And yes it is pricey but the tabs you cite include tax and tips unless you put something in the jar at the ordering counter. Now by my lights that takes the $ per dish down by at least 25%. Still not Red Lobster base line but given the overall quality, which is high, not outlandish. The soft shell did, I'll grant you, look over batter'd and a little greasy and while their raw and bbq'd oysters are great their fried o's not so much (I lived in Maryland for 12 years so I am naturally biased). But everything else I've had at Fish has been first rate and the views are sublime.

    1. Wow, those are your best pictures ever that captures the feel of the place. No pics of the otside seating?

      How were the shrimp tacos that you had a picture of but didn't mention.

      I'm going to have to re-try the white chowder. In my mind it was something that satisfied my New England cravings ... but maybe not. What does sitck in my mind was I really liked the red chowder which is unusual for me since that variety isn't my favorite dish. I actually can still remember the taste of if and it has been a few years since I ate it.

      350 Harbor Dr, Sausalito, CA 94965

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      1. re: rworange

        shrimp tacos were my friend's plate, and I didn't get a good enough taste to review it. He seemed to like it and finished them.

        I added 2 more pics to my album. The outside patio is very dog friendly.

        Cost of $65 was food, drinks, & tax, NOT including tip. Next time will get tap water, will try the red chowder, & the fresh fish items.

      2. My reaction at Fish.'s price tag is always- wow, this much? But that's because you have to pay up front. Then you get the food- and all is forgotten. I love this place!

        On my last visit I spoke to one of their kitchen managers who told me that their cost of food is around 35% of the total- this is HUGE, considering industry standard is between 25 and 28%.

        I usually get the local fishes that are rarely showing up in other restaurants' menus- like Monterey Sardines. Love the pasta they make with it. Their whole fish is also usually delicious- I had sea bass grilled with mozzarella in carrozza that was to die for!

        1. love the food at fish. watching the pleasure boats pull up to the fuel dock on a windy day is a sight to behold. the place satisfies at many levels. the long walk from the ferry (on bridgeway) whets the appetite. i heard my favorite sausalito saloon (paterson's) has closed so the walk back won't nearly be as much fun.

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          1. re: steve h.

            You can stop in at the Cat 'n Fiddle for a little something...

            1. re: Sarah

              always looking for a good saloon. thanks for the recommendation. what attracts you to this place?

              1. re: steve h.

                The parking. Just kidding, actually they have an active bar, apparently frequented by the local boat folks. They serve lunch and dinner, both are pretty good if a bit pricey. It's been awhile since we eaten there, but it's right off the Bridgeway north of "downtown" so is very convenient.

                1. re: Sarah

                  boaters and booze. nice.
                  thanks for tip.

                2. re: steve h.

                  Just found out CnF has also closed -- it was owned by the folks who owned Paterson's. Guess all that's left of the old-time saloons is the No Name, and of course, Smitty's!!

            2. I really do like this place, but it is out of the way (which is nice in some respects), and frankly... I still cannot get over the price @ cash only. It just seems silly. The wedge is really quite good though.

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              1. re: pavlov

                so is the burger. strange but true.