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Jun 30, 2008 11:00 PM

3 Fires Lounge - Sacramento, CA

This is just a mini-review of the new bar/lounge beneath the new Residence Inn on 15th & L in Sacramento, CA. Their Happy Hour is very good with cheap drinks including Herradura margaritas and other specials. The real gem is the $5 "petite" buffalo burger. This is a real burger (1/4-1/3 lb) with cheese (Swiss, cheddar, or blue) and fries. They will serve the burger medium rare which is real juicy and brings out the flavor of the bison.

I had the cheddar medium rare, and it was near perfect. The fries were a great addition: processed, but prepared perfectly. I am now wondering what the regular burger looks like given that the petite version was nearly as big as the McCormick & Schmick $1.95 special. Nobody tried anything else, but we were all impressed by the burger.

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  1. Buffalo burger as in ground buffalo, not beef? I am so there.

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