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Jun 30, 2008 09:53 PM

La Trappe and Beretta: reports

Lots of fun dinner meetings lately, so I've been able to try some new places I might not ferret out on my own.

First up: La Trappe, the new Belgian place in North Beach. We wandered up there around 6 p.m., right when they open, and were the first to enter. The server ushered us downstairs and I let out a silent groan, thinking I'd be buried in some musty, dim basement. Quite the opposite: the lower level is gorgeous, some of the loveliest (and most flattering) light and woodwork I've seen in a while. Everyone's skin looked dewy and youthful; we'd all been returned to our prime. But with beer!

I described my taste and the server recommended Ename from the extensive beer menu. It was great--I liked it so much I hoped I'd be able to find it elsewhere. We split moule frites and a nicoise salad for dinner. Both were excellent. The moules were offered in three styles; we selected the Provencal. I could have used a bit more garlic, but the mussels were sweet and fresh. Terrific crisp fries. I had some bites of the salad, which was also very good--a generous hunk of seared tuna, leaves with not too much dressing. I'd definitely return. Much more casual and relaxed than the Belgian place on 16th, probably because the space is about quadruple the size.

Beretta: love the cocktails, love the big space and high ceiling. Don't so much love the food. We shared cauliflower with pangratatto and capers, zucchini parmigiana, funghi misti pizza and a dish of meatballs.

My friends chose the dishes, three of which were similiar to things I've had at Pizzeria Delfina, which basically supplies 50% of the calories I consume on any given week, so I couldn't help but compare. In every category Beretta fell short--the cauliflower was flavorless and probably could have used a heavy swig of caper juice; the funghi misti pizza was just ok and needed lots more salt in the crust; and while the tomato sauce was tasty and not over-sweet, the meat wasn't flavorful enough in the meatballs. Zucchini: eh.

The atmosphere's fun and the location is convenient for me. Probably I'd return to Beretta for appetizers and drinks, then move elsewhere if I needed something more substantial.

La Trappe
800 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94133

1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. I had dinner at Beretta a few weeks ago with a group. I agree on the cocktails (loved the Airmail with its touch of honey), and the food was kind of a mixed bag... I wasn't excited by the pizzas, but there was an absolutely killer saffron risotto with osso buco... perfect, creamy risotto and succulent veal shank. They have a couple of other risottos, which I'd definitely try.

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      Went to Beretta with a friend after work last week and we each ordered a pizza and had cocktails at the bar. For soaking up their wonderful cocktails the pizzas were great, as for taste, meh. Bartenders were super friendly and were very helpful when recommending a drink. Loved the Sazerac and the Diablos. I highly recommend going for appetizers and just sitting at the bar to watch them work their mojo.