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Need a celebration location for Thurs - Baltimore

Thursday we close on our house. We want to go out and celebrate. BUT...we actually want something new.

We want something top notch. No expense spared.

Places we have been to that are off the list ( or at least in the sense that we want to try something new)

Jordan's Steakhouse
Capital Grille
Cafe De Paris
Petit Louis
Antrim 1844
Oregon Grille
Elkridge Furnace Inn

What we are looking for:

Good wine
Excellent meats/Divine desserts

We were wondering about

Prime Rib
Milton Inn

or any other recs?

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  1. Prime Rib should definitely fit the bill.

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    1. Prime Rib is my go-to for all special occasions where no expense is spared. Go hungry and bring your wallet.

      1. First off, congrats! Go for Prime Rib...spot on service and every bite worth savoring. One of the most memorable birthdays I've had. Kali's Court is good too, but I thought I'd throw in some other recs and let the other Hounds weigh in so you have some options. Tio Pepe(it's been years since I've been there), Blue Sea Grill, Oceannaire, Black Olive(not French though). Milton Inn was delicious, but reminded me atmosphere wise of grandma's house, not somewhere I would think of for a "night-on-the-town" style celebration. Enjoy!

        1. Abacrombie will give you great wine pairings with your meals, and you can sample a chef's tasting menu. For Prime Rib, all you'll get are great steaks with sides that aren't terribly exciting.

          I think it depends on what you're in the mood for: amouse bouche to start, nice progression, smooth service, forward-thinking cooking (like a layer of salt on a carmel tart that sent my dessert into the stratosphere) at Abacrombie, or old-school, meat-n-potatoes, more traditional steakhouse. The both are good, but completely different experiences.

          That said, I'd pick Abacrombie any day. But then I'm biased, 'cause that's where I'm heading for my birthday in a few weeks. :)

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            Tio Pepe's for authentic Spanish in an old-fashioned, intimate environment.
            It is a landmark. They have excellent pomme frites, escargot, rice w/ garlic shrimp. Baked Alaska, too, if you enjoy that type of dessert.

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              The Prime Rib also has some excellent wines at good prices. About a year ago, I got a phenomenal '96 Pesquera Reserva for $75 there. Impossible to find in liquor stores, it went for about $70 retail when available. I think it's now out of stock there as well, but check out their on-line wine list

            2. How about Linwood's and Brass Elephant? Flemings is also quite good. I do agree with the others that Prime Rib and Tio Pepe's are nice places to celebrate. Went to Milton Inn the day before Easter and was disappointed. I ordered oysters imperial and the oysters were about the size of quarters--no kidding. Ten minutes passed before our drinks were brought to the table and another 10 before bread. If you are considering something a bit more funky, then I'd recommend Ixia in downtown or Vin in Towson. Congrats on your new home and hope you have many happy years there. FoiGras

              1. Yes to Tio Pepe!

                Also, have you ever been to Roy's? Although it is actually a small chain, it's one of my favorite restaurants and my special occasion go-to place. The specialty drink menu is fabulous. It's mostly seafood, but there are also beef and poultry options.

                The dessert menu is heaven.

                1. Lots of good places mentioned so far but I don't believe that The Chameleon Cafe has been mentioned yet - it's one of my favorites.

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                    Just perused the menu on Chameleon Cafe's website. Wow--it looks pretty amazing. Never even heard of the place. Whereabout is it located on Harford Road, i.e., inside or outside the Beltway? Thanks. FoiGras

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                      They are located inside the beltway in Lauraville. There is a supermarket alongside The Chameleon Cafe where you can park (I think it's a Superfresh or a Safeway) or you can park on the street. I've been there a handful of times over the past couple of years. The Chef is a graduate of The Baltimore Culinary Institute and is still involved with the school helping to train future Chefs. We have always had good experiences there.



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                        Thanks--am definitely going to try out the Chameleon. I can't believe I missed a place that really looks yummy. FoiGras

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                          The Chameleon is the best bang for the buck in the city.

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                            WOW- I have to disagree with this statement. Although the food at The Chamelon is good, I hardly think it's a good value. On my first and recent visit, we had a $100 check that inlcuded a $32 bottle of wine- so $120 with tip for two. Apps consisted of a salad and calamari, entrees were a vegetarian tart ($22) and veal with sweetbreads ($27). With the exception of the calamari, the meal was very basic (although solid) french food. Everything was prepared well with good flavor, but nothing blew me away.

                            I felt the price point was high for the meal and location.

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                              Hmm, I just looked at their current menu and it is a little pricier than my last visit but nonetheless all entrees are less than $30 which is a good value for fine dining these days, IMO.

                  2. you didn't mention anything about italian, but we had our anniversary last weekend at sotto sopra on charles st. if you're looking to go all out financially it might not be the place but it's quite romantic and they had a great prosecco, very good for celebrating.

                    1. Here's yet another vote for the Prime Rib. Nothing else in Baltimore even comes close for what you're looking for. Tio Pepe, which was excellent when we visited several months ago, would be another good choice.

                      Abacrombie is a nice place, but not in the PR's league for a pull-out-all-the-stops special occasion dinner. Ditto Chameleon, whose space is not nearly so pretty (or celebratory) as the PR.

                      Among the other suggestions, Vin is neither (a) funky, nor (b) good, let alone (c) worthy of a special occasion. Ixia is a good restaurant that can't play in the PR's league either.

                      1. I personally wouldn't choose the Prime Rib, but I agree that it would fit your requirement for a no expense spared celebration kind of a place.
                        I haven't been there since they re-opened, but from what I've heard I would opt for Abacrombie (or Chameleon Cafe, even though it's definitely not as "fancy").