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Jun 30, 2008 09:02 PM

Choice of three places in Atlanta- which one?


Next week I will be in Atlanta- and one of my vendors has offered to take me out to dinner on the company dime. Wednesday night she will be going to Woodfire Grill, Thursday night to Rathburn's, and Friday night it will be Ecco.

Which place would be best?

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  1. If I had the chance to go out with someone else's money, from this list I would choose Rathbun's. I did not have a great experience there and would like to give it another chance, especially on someone else's dime.

    1. I would agree with rcburli

      Rathbuns hands down of the 3 choices

      1. I would have a hard time deciding between Rathbun's and Woodfire. I have had great experiences at both.

        1. We stopped at the bar at Rathburn's two weeks ago on a visit to ATL. I had the best thai beef salad appt there, it was rare beef (maybe filet) tossed with a fish sauce, sugar, rice wine vineager, topped with jalapenos and fresh cilantro. There is a little bar right beside it, have drinks there first.. I think the bar is called JCT.. might have a photo of JCT.

          1. The bar beside Rathburn's is Krog Bar, JCT was another fun bar. They made a Pimm's Cup with muddled strawberries and fresh mint. How easy I get confused. Jeez, maybe I should lay off the booze.