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Jun 30, 2008 08:52 PM

tipping on table service, tehn takeout.

I usually tip about 20% (give or take a percent depending on the change) for table service.
But how much should I tip if after a meal delivered to the table, I order a meal to go and pick it up at the register (it's not brought to the table). For example, a tip on a $20 meal would be $4.00. How much should I tip for that same $20 meal plus another $20 meal to go picked up at the register? $4.00? $8.00? or somewhere in between?

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  1. I work in a chain restaurant which also provides To Go service. The To Go boys are usually the kids who are under 18 and are not yet legally able to wait tables. They make $2.13, the same I do as a server. Restaurant employees always trade war stories and I've done To Go on a few occasions; the consensus in my restaurant is that most people don't tip on To Go because they either think To Go makes minimum wage (false) or doesn't "do as much" as a regular server (also false).

    To Go is responsible for ensuring your food has the proper modifications (if there were any), temperature, or substitutions. To Go is also responsible for packing your meal, making sure you have condiments, cutlery, etc. The To Go person is also responsible for answering the phone every time it rings, regardless of whether it's a To Go order or not.

    In short, what I suppose I'm trying to say is I believe it to be in good taste to tip the To Go person 20%, unless your order is beyond bungled. In that situation, it is always necessary to talk to the manager. If I ordered two $20 meals, I would tip $8. If you ordered something to go at the end of your table service, that is usually added onto your existing check and you should still tip 20% on that order as well.

    Apologies for being long winded, but I hope this helps answer your question.