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Jun 30, 2008 08:48 PM

Italian Pork Sandwich at Hog Island Deli

Hog Island has had a regular special for the last few weeks that I can't get enough of. The Italian Pork sandwich has just a few simple ingredients -- well seasoned slow cooked pork, which has been pulled instead of sliced, piled onto the bread with crisp/spicy/sour banana peppers. I don't even think there's cheese on there. If there is, I was too distracted by the pork fat to notice. If you love pork, you have to try this sandwich. I'm telling you, it oozes porky goodness. I heard it's been one of their best sellers since they started making it, so hopefully it's a permanent addition. Go do your part to support it!

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  1. That sounds great, Brian. Thanks for sharing this info about the latest delicious offering from Hog Island. I have a question: Is the meat in this sandwich more like what you'd get in a pulled-pork sandwich, or is it more like shredded garlic- and rosemary-flavored roasted Italian porchetta?

    When I was at Hog Island recently, I noticed that they're no longer offering the Paisano. I guess I was its only fan!

    I'm also sorry to report that there was something off about the meatball-parmesan and the Italian-sausage hoagies. They weren't bad, but they weren't as good as they used to be. Both sandwiches seemed too saucy, and the meat and sauce were slightly less flavorful. Maybe with a lot of new staff plus a new location to supervise, quality control has slightly slipped, but I trust that this was just a blip. At least it better be! Hog Island produces my favorite East-Coast-style Italian subs in town.

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      I miss the Paisano, too.

      The sandwich is more of a pulled pork, I think, though I've never had porchetta. It does have cheese on it. I agree with Brian, great sandwich.

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        The texture is more like pulled pork. Much wetter than the porchetta I've had. I'd guess it's braised in some sort of flavorful liquid. I recently asked about the Paisano, and they offered to make one for me. So you can still get it if you know to ask.

      2. On a side note, I had the Porchetta sandwich at Mandola's this weekend. I thought it was great - and a big sized portion - generally I enjoy the food at Mandola's but think the portions are way too small. I will have to try the Hog Island edition to see which one I like better.

        1. WOW, thank you Brian Lindauer for the recommendation. I sit here, full and content, yet about to finish off the rest this big pork sandwich because it is so good. It's so simple that it is difficult to describe its deliciousness. The pork is succulent, the bread is nicely soaked with juicy renderings, the mustard and banana peppers add just the right tiny note of spicy bite. The pork is neither highly seasoned nor underseasoned.

          This is the best sandwich I have had from Hog Island, and all of the ones I have had have been really good. This is awesome.