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Jun 30, 2008 08:35 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Raleigh

Going to be there for a few nights during our Anniversary before an appointment, trying to keep the wife happy. We used to live there 4+ years ago and enjoyed Margaux's on occasion but know a lot has changed since then. We live on the coast now so no seafood recs please.

Thanks -

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  1. We enjoyed J. Betski's very much on my husband's birthday a couple months ago:

    Be sure to make reservations if you go - it's a small place.

    1. I've not been personally, but have heard great things about The Mint downtown. There have been a couple of recent threads here that you may want to check.

      Mura at North Hills is also fantastic for sushi/Kobe/Japanese with a great atmosphere.

      Happy Anniversary!

      1. Vivace at North Hills is nice/new, great food but a little trendy for my taste. I did have the best cocktail EVER there - orangecello, lime, soda and pomegranate.

        St. Jacques on Falls of the Neuse at the Spring Forest intersection (in the strip mall with Hardees) is a family favorite for special occasions. Good, classic French food and a doting staff. I highly recommend the "Chocolate Ball of Dream" dessert.

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          I have wanted to try J. Betski's out since they opened. Also going to check out the menus of some of these others.

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            Frasiers on Hillsborough Street is pretty nice for a special occasion, though honestly I almost always head to the Magnolia Grill in Durham if I really want to celebrate, but that is a personal preference.

        2. Margaux's is still very good and they're celebrating their 16th anniversary right now!
          For my money, I'd go back there. It's still as good as it ever was. Happy Anniversary, also.

          1. Second's on Vivace they do a great job.
            I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bloomsbury Bistro yet. It's always first class there,
            I've not heard great things about the Mint, and don't plan to go until I do.
            I've heard mixed reviews of Fins in the new downtown location, but the positives have outweighed the negatives.

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              The Mint has received some great reviews on several knowledgeable blogs, regional and national in scope. The in-depth reviews and interviews with the chefs have made The Mint rise to a high rank on my "hope to try"list!