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Jun 30, 2008 08:31 PM

Pho VK (Calgary)- anybody been lately?

Well it's been a good year since Pho VK took over the space from the fantastic Noodle King and after my "fool me twice, shame on me" experience there (in other words, two bad ones in a row) I gave up. Thing is, they're still open and seem to do fair business. Co Do just doesn't seem to cut it anymore (higher prices and smaller portions and the taste- just doesn't seem to be as good any more), and Saigon on 12th Ave and Nho Saigon in Marda Loop are both close-ish for me but nowhere as convenient as VK. What I'm wondering is if anybody's had good OR bad experiences there? I'd love it if they've upped their game or I was just unlucky...

Meantime the renovations at the new Green Chili across the street from VK (Indian, not Viet, but still, someplace new!) are going great guns and I'll look forward to that.

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  1. I think Pho VK is great. I've been there twice now and enjoyed it very much. The satay seafood soup has just the right amount of heat and is deliciously fragrant. It excels over CoDo by far. I'm not sure why this place would get a bad review. The ingredients are fresh and the service is fast. I would recommend this place over CoDo any day.