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Bizzare foods in KC

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well ive been in KC for a few years now, and know where to get the best burgers and ribs and even coffee. however im having a hard time finding the odder parts of animals, such as tongues and testicles and what not. Ive found one really good mexican joint in Blue Springs that had a wonderful salsa verde beef tongue, but thats all my luck so far. can anyone help me out? I know I could go to a butcher and get those things, but i wouldnt know how to properly cook any of it.

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  1. you might try Pine & Bamboo (10915 Shawnee Mission Pkwy) for the authentic dim sum, ask for the full menu. they have chicken feet dim sum and a few other oddities. Bichelmeyers Meat Mkt (KCK) has prepared food on Saturday mornings. I can't say they'll have what your looking for, but the chicharon is great.
    I posted the thread below and you can see it didn't get a lot of response.


    1. kcR: rocky mountain oysters are sooo easy. easier with a Fry Daddy type thing, but a deep pan with decent vegetable oil will do. just peel off the membrane, slice them into medallions maybe a quarter inch thick, dredge in beaten egg, toss them in flour or bread crumbs (Panko!) and fry till golden brown - no fears!

      I'd never have tried them, but a roommate at KSU did them up once. mmm.

      1. You might try Werner's on Johnson drive. Also there a quite a few Mexican and south American places on on South West Blvd.

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          thanks for all the advice guys, keep em coming. i live right near SWST Blvd and havent found any of that yet, but ill keep lookn.

        2. Here's a four-in-one


          1. The Oriental market on the north side of the city market has everything from pigs tongues to tripe. Duck tongues, eels etc.

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              I don't know why I didn't think of that! Yes, frogs, pig's feet, black chickens, crabs about anything you can think of.

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                And if you want it cooked, you can try the little Vietnamese grocery on 5th street, just on the other side of the Missouri 9 overpass. They have a restaurant with a steam tray of prepared foods. Lots of chicken foot-y items.

              2. on the corner of southwest and summit...there is a street taco cart from thursday to saturday.. for $1.50 you can get a fresh taco and you get to add your own onion/cilantro/lime and salsa ...they have buche/tripe/lengua...I have yet to try it but why not? haha. I just can't get passed the delicious carnitas

                1. Dos Amigos on 75th (just west of I-35) has the BEST menudo. I like to give it to people who don't know what's in it, then tell them when they're halfway through the bowl . . . ;)