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Jun 30, 2008 08:29 PM

Bizzare foods in KC

well ive been in KC for a few years now, and know where to get the best burgers and ribs and even coffee. however im having a hard time finding the odder parts of animals, such as tongues and testicles and what not. Ive found one really good mexican joint in Blue Springs that had a wonderful salsa verde beef tongue, but thats all my luck so far. can anyone help me out? I know I could go to a butcher and get those things, but i wouldnt know how to properly cook any of it.

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  1. you might try Pine & Bamboo (10915 Shawnee Mission Pkwy) for the authentic dim sum, ask for the full menu. they have chicken feet dim sum and a few other oddities. Bichelmeyers Meat Mkt (KCK) has prepared food on Saturday mornings. I can't say they'll have what your looking for, but the chicharon is great.
    I posted the thread below and you can see it didn't get a lot of response.

    1. kcR: rocky mountain oysters are sooo easy. easier with a Fry Daddy type thing, but a deep pan with decent vegetable oil will do. just peel off the membrane, slice them into medallions maybe a quarter inch thick, dredge in beaten egg, toss them in flour or bread crumbs (Panko!) and fry till golden brown - no fears!

      I'd never have tried them, but a roommate at KSU did them up once. mmm.

      1. You might try Werner's on Johnson drive. Also there a quite a few Mexican and south American places on on South West Blvd.

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          thanks for all the advice guys, keep em coming. i live right near SWST Blvd and havent found any of that yet, but ill keep lookn.

          1. The Oriental market on the north side of the city market has everything from pigs tongues to tripe. Duck tongues, eels etc.

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              I don't know why I didn't think of that! Yes, frogs, pig's feet, black chickens, crabs about anything you can think of.

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                And if you want it cooked, you can try the little Vietnamese grocery on 5th street, just on the other side of the Missouri 9 overpass. They have a restaurant with a steam tray of prepared foods. Lots of chicken foot-y items.