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Jun 30, 2008 08:29 PM

Good Latin in Port Chester?

We love trying out new restaurants in Port Chester, NY. Our favorite so far is Patria. Best Sangria in Westchester and inventive tapas served in a giant, multi-dish bowl.
Q comes in second for overpriced BBQ, but we still love the funky ambience and great bbq.
Great iced tea in a mason jar, which you can take home with you.
The Paleteria has really unusual flavors of ice pops, like prune and nances (tropical fruit with large black seeds). Real, pureed frozen fruit or ice milk.

We've tried some of the smaller Guatemalan places but nothing has piqued our interest for a 2nd visit. Any suggestions?

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  1. i like pollo alla brasa on main street............i usually get the pollo alla brasa.......(ask for the salsa verde---jalapeno sauce in a bottle---which doesn't come with the dish)'ll blow yer socks off!'ll get outta there for dinner for two plus tip....$'s actually cheaper for you to go out here and eat this chicken dish than it would be to but it, prepare it and cook it yourself........

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      There are numerous earlier posts on this topic, but here goes: For Peruvian, in addition to Misti Pollo alla Braza, mentioned above, there is also Chavin at intersection of Main and Westchester, just a bit more upscale -- and many posters like Acuario (my own experience with them was underwhelming but was also before they opened an expanded version on Main St, so may be out of date.) On Westchester Ave there is Inca y Gaucho, with a combination menu of Peruvian and Uruguayan (Argentine), which we like a lot but some have had annoying service problems there lately. Next door to them is Tortilleria los Gemelos, highly touted here.

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        I agree - try Tortilleria Los Gemelos for really good tacos, sopes and tortas. Also, give Asi es Colombia a try for tasty colombian fod. Get the bandeja paisa there. And the guanabana con leche is a really refreshing drink to go with it.

        And for pupusas, try rinconcito salvadoreno.

        to the original poster, which guatemalen places have you tried?

        Tortilleria Los Gemelos
        167 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

        ASI Es Colombia Bakery Restaurant
        174 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

        Rinconcito Salvadoreno
        20 Broad St, Port Chester, NY 10573

    2. Our newest fav in Port Chester is Aquaria. Really great cerviche and unusual Peruvian drinks. Patria has become a little uneven.

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        since we are reopening this thread, I'd just update what I said last year about pupusas... if you want good salvadoran pupusas, go to rinconcito migueleno on Westchester Ave. Best in town for sure.

        Is Aquaria any better than it was before it moved to it's new location? They seem to be touting their ceviche a lot... calling themselves a cevicheria on the awning... based on your description, it sounds like it's pretty good. Can you describe their ceviche offerings?

      2. my extended family eats often at a place they call Benito's. has anyone heard of this? is it any good?

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          in Port Chester? I've never heard of it... and couldn't find it on google either. Do you know where it is?

          1. re: adamclyde

            My mom, who at 83 is touch dotty, says it is right in the downtown area and there is an old sign for "Hollywood Chicken" over the storefront that never got taken down. That's all I know regarding location.