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Jun 30, 2008 08:21 PM

The new Home in S'Lake: Anyone Been?

Drove by the new spot for "Home" in Silver Lake... at Riverside and Fletcher in Silver Lake. The sign said "open". Anyone been? And did they keep the old Rudolpho's bar? That space was pretty cool... so I'm wondering if they've kept the bar area going.

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  1. News to me. Is the old "House" still there on..., oh, my memory is gone on the street?!

    1. Peaked in, and yes they have kept the bar and a very large nice outdoor patio to boot. The place is very big, do not remember Rudolpho's being that big...Hopefully the food will be better than the LF location (which is still open)..

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        It is not about food, it is about a big space with a hard liquor license, that can stay open till 2AM, and no neighbors to complain about parking or noise. The old location is open still, the neighbors put a kibash on them expanding and serving liquor till 2 AM.