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Jun 30, 2008 08:15 PM

Boston Cream Pie.

I know, I know, it has been asked before: where to buy Boston cream pie in Boston. The only thing is that I don't just want a slice, I want a whole cake! For my birthday each year I buy a cake. This year to celebrate my moving to Boston I would like to buy the best tasting Boston Cream Pie that can be found in one of the city's many local bakeries. I would rather not try to negotiate buying a whole one from a restaurant (i.e., the Omni) but rather pick one up from a bakery. Any suggestions?

Thanks for bearing with this topic one more time.......

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  1. Quebrada Bakery in Wellesley and Arlington (not sure if it is Arlington or Cambridge or Somerville) has a nice Boston Cream Pie. Not very large but you could get two. Light cake, tasty custard filling and yummy chocolate frosting.I recall a thread about this a few months back so you might want to do a search.

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      Dim memory, but doesn't Whole Foods sometimes have them? You could call ahead to the location nearest to you, to check.

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        I've tried the Boston Cream Pie from Whole Foods. Although their cakes and pastries always look great, I've never really enjoyed them. They seem to taste like their missing something. Quebrada, on the other hand, has some of the best tasting stuff around!

    2. My in-laws picked up a tasty one at the Wagon Wheel on the Waltham/Lexington line. Maybe that doesn't help because its not in the city.

      1. The Boston Cream Pie at Lyndell's is great! It's in Ball Sq., Somerville, on Broadway. A few years ago they didn't make any during the summer, so call and check first. And you can have them put one aside for you, so call ahead to avoid disappointment.

        1. I just happened to feel like dessert at Legal Seafood's at the Prudential Center last Friday on a business trip and ordered the Boston Cream Pie the server recommended. It was not a traditional preparation but more like a custard with a thin layer of cake at the bottom, with a chocolate ganache top and a wickedly good hot fudge sauce to top it off.

          Very rich and sinfully delicious!