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Jun 30, 2008 07:36 PM

sweet pickles in baltimore

my aunt in north carolina cans sweet pickles, and i grew up eating them in potato salad and deviled eggs. while i have had good potato salad without, the home-canned sweet pickles are what i crave.

i've looked for them at the two baltimore farmer's markets (83 & waverly) but have only found homemade jams and jellies. have i overlooked a good pickle vendor? is there a tasty good store bought brand I should try?

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  1. There's a picle vendor at the downtown farmer's market (near the coffee and doughnut standa). Quite good pickles, lots of variety.

    1. Try the Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley. They carry a wide variety of pickles. One of my favorites is cinnamon pickles. They have chowchow and other delicious items. FoiGras

      1. I've seen them at the Amish market in Burtonsville. I think they sell a couple brands - Jake & Amos and Barbie's.

        1. thanks for the suggestions. i will try the downtown market again and make an extra stop by the doughnuts. yum!

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              aahh- my apologies!

              shall i capitalize my C & G to distinguish us?