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Jun 30, 2008 07:33 PM

Anyone from Springfield, MO here?

I'm new...I see lots from everywhere but I the only one???

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  1. I frequent Springfield. It's gotten some mention here. Something about a unique way cashew chicken is made there, I believe.

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    1. re: sigerson57

      Yeah, I see lots of signs - "Voted best cashew chicken" - I was wondering what that was. Any recommendations?

      1. re: christineusher

        In my laziness, I often got it at the chinese take out counter at Dillons. They packaged the sauce, cashews, onions and freshly fried chicken all separately. Not good for the environment, but nice for my family so we could add just the right amount of sauce!

          1. re: christineusher

            No clue. I hang out at Steak & Shake. Search the board for "cashew" and see what you get. I'm curious, too.

            1. re: sigerson57

              I guess I meant I'm new to this site, not new to Spfd. but I still don't know exactly what makes cashew chicken so great here. I don't like nuts so I'm not to excited to try it, especially from one of the many drive-thru chinese joints here. I heard the chef/owner/whatever at Fire and Ice is the son of the creator of the original and it's supposed to be divine. I live in the southwest part of town and am wondering if anyone knows if it's worth the trip and the price to try it? Keep in mind I dont like nuts much, so it has a strike against it already

            2. re: christineusher

              Not the way it's made, but that it's the birthplace of cashew chicken.