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Jun 30, 2008 07:30 PM

Fine Dining in Vegas [moved from L.A. board]

I know this is the LA board, but I have been very pleased with the recommedations I have received from the LA Chowhound community.

We are going to Vegas in Sept. with a group of Friends, we all know that there are so many wonderful places to eat. In the past we have dined at Delmonico's Steakhouse and really enjoyed it.

other recommendations for dining in Vegas that I have received have included: Lotus of Siam, Bradley Odgen, 4 Kegs and Bouchon. Any other thoughts?

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  1. Vegas is now probably in the top 3 cities for fine dining in the world with Paris and probably NYC or SF vying for inclusion. I just recently came back from a 5-day trip and I ate at B&B in the Venetian, Cut in the Palazzo, Craftsteak in the MGM, Fix in the Bellagio and Rao's in Caesars and besides the 5-pound weight gain, all of them were sensational. Since each major hotel on the Strip has some terrific restaurants, I would narrow your search down to the hotel then to the type of cuisine and go from there.