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Jun 30, 2008 07:15 PM

Paula Deen Cookbooks

For those that like Paula Deen - which of her cookbooks do you like best? Or even better, can you rate them in order of your preference. Though I've never prepared any of her recipes, many of them sound delicious, and easy to prepare with convenience ingredients.
I know that not everybody is a fan of those type of recipes, but to each his own.

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  1. Poor Paula is scrutinized regularly on the boards, but nevertheless, the woman can cook. I've made many of her recipes and have several cookbooks, I love them all. Anything that has the word gooey in it is bound to be good. I make her Pumpkin Gooey Bars every Thanksgiving and my family begs for them all year round. They simply are the simplest to make and they taste wonderful.

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      So, what is your favorite of her cookbooks? There are so many of her recipes on FN that I never thought of buying one, but the OP apparently wants to.

      1. re: MazDee

        I guess I would probably say the first one, Lady and Sons. I like a cookbook that also has a personal touch.

    2. I have her Lady and Sons & Lady and Sons too. I made a recent bbq shrimp that was fantastic, although it didn't come from the cookbook (on-line FN). I've been wanting to do her Low Country Boil Shrimp dish - maybe this weekend. I love her cooking.

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        I like both of these too. Those gooey butter cakes are just out of control awesome. I've used many of the salad, side, and seafood recipes. I also have her book that's just desserts and it's not that great. My mom has one that's titled celebrations or entertaining, something like that. It's been out at least a couple years and is awesome.

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          I have them all.I love her banana pudding.We also use her recipe for blackeyed peas. Oh and I love the black pepper shrimp!!!!

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          With your vast knowledge of the best dining in Southern NH and Northern MA, I would have never thought you'd find time to cook. :-) Now, I am going to have to fix those shrimp.

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            Oh yes, love to cook unfortunately not enough time always. It's a hobby to try new recipes. I love family cookoffs. This weekend we did a blind taste taste on which of 3 grills we liked best. I conducted it, so I wasn't unbiased but the Weber Gas Grill won hands down, everyone's vote. I was thinking the charcoal would have since I always rave about it.

        3. My Mom bought me the Lady and Sons Just Desserts cookbook a couple years back, before I had ever watched her or really got into baking and cooking. I personally like her desserts-in moderation, of course. They are typically very rich, and I agree with a previous post-her gooey butter cakes are wonderful. I have never come home with leftovers when I have taken them to work. As far as her other cookbooks go, I am not sure. My mom has the Lady and Sons too cookbook, but I haven't heard anything about it.