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late night bars with outdoor space?

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Hi all,

Sorry for the non-foodie post but since it's summer, I thought it'd be nice to get a list of decent bars that stay open late and that have outdoor seating in Manhattan. I'm not looking for fancy hotel rooftop bars - I know that list and it's recycled every year by NY Mag and Sheckys. I'm looking for the more casual, laid-back, and cheap-ish places with a lively back garden that stays open late for the drinkers, not diners. I'll start with a couple that I've been to:

d.b.a. in the east village - a very down-to-earth pub with abundant outdoor seating, though at times too college-y and overrun by NYU undergrads.

B Bar in Noho - great outdoor space but on the weekends, completely filled with sorority girls and frat boys. Definitely a meat market and not a laid-back place to have a couple drinks.

Is there anywhere else that's decent?

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  1. most outdoor bars close the outdoor space early to appease the neighbors.

    my pick is lorelay on rivington...just an awesome beer garden with great beer and food.

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      soho park on Prince.

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        Loreley is great though it closes the outdoor space at midnight.