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Jun 30, 2008 06:42 PM

Restaurant Suggestions & Night out Plans

Hi -
We are desperate need of some great/trendy restaurants suggestions. There are a few of us heading to NYC for July 4th. We are looking for a very nice restaurant that is trendy and has great food. We are all married and in our late 20's early 30's. After dinner we are looking to head to a NYC hotspot!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. can you be more specific on an area you want to be in or don't want to be in? price? cuisine? there so many good spots. we need a little more info on your end to answer your question.

      2. This recent thread may help you:

        I think that "hot spots" - clubs, etc. - aren't covered on CH, by the way.

        1. barbuto is a recent summer favorite of is great...nice crowd...decent prices and on a nice summer night, with their doors open, its a great spot.

          kingswood is another place that is lively with surprisingly good food. a bit more expensive and VERY LOUD but fun and a scene.

          cookshop in chelsea is great for yr needs as well...solid food, great for drinks...chelsea location but very west near the water.

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            thank you for all of your replies. we are staying at the ritz carlton at central park, we all love italian but are open to other suggestions. for great food and a great place the area and the price really don't matter as it is a special occasion.


            1. re: suz1008

              You might like Lupa, if you can get a reservation - try, then call. Great Italian food, good "vibe".

          2. Consider Bernardin (seafood), Jean Georges(french with asian flavour), Per se(californian,vegetarian), Robuchon (french with a japanese twist) for special occasion French
            Babbo for special occasion italian
            Craftsteak for steakhouse
            Veritas for the wine list
            Consider Masugen (soba/sushi), Soto (sushi,cooked dishes), Yasuda (sushi,cooked dishes) for special occasion Japanese
            Ililli (5th and 29th) for upscale libanese

            Most of these places are hard to get in especially Per se, Babbo. Make reservation as soon as possible.

            Regarding NYC hotspot, try 230 5th av (rooftop bar) at 27th st. If you can not get in, consider Rare View ,303 lex av at 37th or High bar 251W 48th
            For club, go to AZZA on 55th st and lex.


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            1. re: larryfr

              While suz1008 did ask for great food, she also said she's looking for trendy. I would not consider Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, per se, Robuchon, Craftsteak, Veritas or Yasuda *trendy* restaurants.

              1. re: RGR

                These places are trendy among foodies. They are not "scenes" where people go to show off with a hot woman. I'm not going to put on the list all the night club/restaurant in the meatpack such as Buddha bar or expensive steakhouse
                such as Kobe club. There may be trendy by some standards but you do not eat that well with respect to the money you spend there.

                1. re: larryfr

                  I think it's a question of definitions. I agree that these places are very *popular* among foodies. But that's not the same as being trendy -- at least, the way most people define that term as it relates to restaurants, i.e, hip, of the moment, etc.