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Jun 30, 2008 05:57 PM

San Diego: Bell'agio Ristorante Tierrasanta

A quick search of this board brought up nothing... Does anyone have an opinion?

A friend and I are looking for good, reasonably priced Italian food for a weeknight dinner and I'm hoping this will fit the bill.

Suggestions always welcomed... Additional criteria would be easy parking and somewhat centrally located.

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  1. Little high-end priced for its location, but a longtime favorite. I can't recall a bad meal there, and the specials are almost always great.

    Haven't made it in lately, so I hope it hasn't gone downhill.

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      I have had several meals here when in the area after a meeting nearby and it is getting late to look around. But never think of it as a primary destination. There are too many other choices, that I prefer, even if they are not Italian.

      More recently I discovered an neighborhood Italian/Continental place, that I do think of going to more then once a week. Large variety of dishes on the Menu. I am particulary impressed by the refined tastes and marvelous presentattions for a moderate prices. What is nice is a party does not all have to order Italian every time. It is very simple to order Italian or Continental, so that everyone will be satisfied with their choice from visit to vist. The salad have wonderful dressings out of the ordinary seen at most restaurants. Full bar and Special Half Price Bottles of Wine on Sunday!

      You may read further from my recent reviews by doing a Search for La Fontana Italian City Bistro - Poway, and see their menus at the detailed website

      Thursday would be a delightful evening for a 3 Course Dinner Special at $19.00 for a first time treat. A real bargain! Not to be missed! Choices of Soup or Salad, Beef, Fish or Pasta, and a nice Dessert. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but don't let that stop you!

      Tell Amado, the gracious owner, that you read about La Fontana on I am certain he will go out of his way to make sure you are taken care off. That is unusual at many restaurants these days.