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Jun 30, 2008 05:53 PM

Thank you goodies

What do you give as a thank you? My neighbors have been very gracious about welcoming me to the neighborhood. Since their going out of town of the long weekend, I would like to take over a bottle of red and "dessert" for them to enjoy when they get to their campsite. Any Suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Aren't you nice! I think anything you make would be appreciated. Since they are camping, I think something simple would be better - like date squares, cheesecake, s'mores. Hey, what about a gift package to make gourmet s'mores? Homemade marshmallows, deluxe chocolates and homemade graham wafers.

    1. I was going to say perhaps some spiced nuts but with nut allergies so prevalent these days it may not be the right about a quick bread of some kind? Blueberry bread might be great since they are in season now...they could take some camping, too.

      1. If they are going camping - how about some homemade marshmallows? I made mine and then dipped in chocolate. One of my clients said they would be perfect for a camping cooking, as all you would need were the graham crackers and poof you have smores.

        marshmallows are really easy to make and homemade taste sooo much better than store bought - you can't compare.

        Gourmet or Bon Appetit had a recipe for them last month. You'll find it on Epicurious I'm sure.

        1. I also think this is a great thing to do. The previous ideas are great but along another line I was thinking a brownie sampler with 3 or 4 different types of brownies. Tirimisu (sp?) would also be great with a nice "red." Back to the brownies, maybe a ganache frosted, a blondie, and a caramel nut.

          1. I would probably opt for something good to nibble on anytime, such as on the road, between meals, with meals. I make great tyropita and spanakopita, and they're really easy to make. If you're sure you want something on the sweet side, then date nut muffins or something equally sweet but good around the clock would be nice. Or you could pick up one of those "take along" cake pans that make a flat one layer cake and have a lid that slides on to protect the gooeys. Banana nut cake with real fudge for the icing and walnuts and miniature marshmallows piled on top with more fudge drizzled on to hold it all in place is good any time! Not exactly diet food, but once it hits your taste buds you won't care!