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Jun 30, 2008 04:31 PM

Cold foods in Seattle?

Since we seem to be in the middle of Heat Wave 2008, I am not really up for cooking or eating hot food. Growing up in Hawaii cold noodles and other dishes were common, but not so much here, it seems. Does anyone have suggestions about where to go for some good cold food (and no sandwiches, please!). I'm thinking of cold ginger chicken, somen salad, etc. Also, what restaurants have great salads? I used to love the cold smoked seafood salad at Rays, but I heard they retired it.

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  1. My sentiments exactly...Fu Lin has a cold ramen salad. I also requested cold ramen with char siu and hardboiled egg from them and they were happy to oblige (with some mustard and a soy-vinegar dressing). Nishino has a cold somen salad w/ tamago, shrimp etc. Boom Noodle has a cold ramen salad but it is much more basic/Americanized. Other cold salads i like are the salad Norwegienne at Maximilians (crab, avocado, smoked salmon etc) and the crab bibb lettuce green goddess salad at Waterfront grill.

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      Tsukushinbo has good cold soba--two different kinds--buckwheat and tea flavored, that you can get together with a light, nongreasy serving of tempura. Very good! My favorite salads nowadays are at my favorite pizza place, Fondi's--I'm particularly partial to their apple/walnut/fennel tossed salad. Two of us can polish off a large salad easily. They come in small, medium and large.

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        I should have also mentioned my favorite Asian salad--green mango (or green papaya if you prefer) salad with either grilled shrimp or grilled tofu at Green Leaf. Quite tasty! And cold tofu is a favorite Japanese idish n the summer--now that Takohachi is no more, I believe there is a good version at Shun.

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          speaking of Japanese summer food traditions, Eel day is coming up July 24 this year...what could be better than broiled eel over rice with beer?

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            I love green papaya salad - I've had the TT one and enjoyed it. I also like the one from my local Thai place May Ploy (in Ballard), especially because I enjoy it with sticky rice. Yum.

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              Just recently went to Green Leaf for their salads. They were as good as ever.
              Orangette just posted an easy, delicious sounding recipe for Green Mango Salad:


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            PS Harvest Vine has a cold marinated prawn/duck jamon/miners lettuce/white bean puree salad which is quite nice. i am waiting for them to come out with their summer heirloom tomato salad. i tried the cold ramen at Samurai Noodle but it was neither chilled nor particularly special imo.

          3. Don't forget the Korean cold buckwheat noodles. KaWon does a very good job, and I hear that Old Village's new owners makes their own noodles and its good.

            1. Oh yum! Thanks for the ideas! Keep them coming...!

              1. Jack's on the ave has, among other wonderful things: cold meat plate, cold noodles (amazing for picnics), szechuan pickles, spicy pig ears...

                1. Tamarind Tree Pickled Bon Bon Salad