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Jun 30, 2008 04:20 PM

Informal business dinner near Park & 67th?

Looking for a non-business-y restaurant near Park Ave Armory to take an arty and adventurous Australian colleague for early pre-show dinner. Anything good or even interesting will do, but doesn't need to be over the top. This downtown hound needs help from fellow hounds on this one! Thanks!

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  1. Any price range in mind? That will help narrow things down (or open things up) in that area .....

    1. If you're willing to walk to 1st ave, There's Maya for upscale Mexican. The guac is disappointing but pretty much everything else is excellent. Their ceviche is awesome. Next door you'll find Tori Shin, considered by some to be the best yakitori in the city. It's very good but I think overpriced for the portions size - I had to go home and fix myself dinner after eating the $45 chef menu. Their shiso leaf sorbet is a strong contender for the best dessert I've ever had.
      Closer to Park Ave but stuffier there's Payard on Lex (they have a great pre-theatre menu) and Cafe Boulud. JoJo should also be good but I've never been there.

      1. Accademia d Vino on 64th and Third. In my opinion Maya is overpriced. YOu can also try Geisha. 61st btween park and mad.

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          I disagree with the Accademia d Vino rec, I found the food mediocre and overpriced in my one experience there. Though I've not been there myself, Park Avenue Summer is nearby and gets some good reviews here (or has in its Fall, Winter, Spring incarnations) if that fits in your budget.

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            I agree with Accademia di Vino. The food is very good (not the absolute best but very good) and the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. It's great for pre-show dinner. I enjoy Maya, but it is overpriced. The drinks are great though.