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Jun 30, 2008 04:08 PM

3 Nights in Montreal...resto report

Okay, just got back and here are our three nights (we love the Plateau, as I've said on this Board, because of the BYO factor and the home-type feel). Our first night was our favorite (and yes, Carswell, the menu is the same, but when you only get the opportunity to go once a year, it's heaven).

Les Heritiers (we had the degustation menu)

We both started with the warm gizzard salad; then the cream of vegetable soup; next came the Trou Normand (in this resto it’s always homemade grapefruit sorbet floating in a shot of vodka;
I had the rack of lamb with rosemary and roasted garlic bulbs, assorted local vegies. Hubby had the filet mignon with blue cheese, assorted local vegies. Dessert was the
Marquise de Chocolate for me; crème brulee for him. It was a wonderful meal with a wonderful staff and everything was prepared perfectly.

Restaurant Yoyo

We had always wanted to come here, and finally did. I started with the calamari over arugula with a lime & giner vinaigrette. Husband had the tartare of elk. I had the braised bison and hubby had the roasted breast of duck with honey and spices over pearl barley. We ended the meal with hot chocolate profiteroles which were awesome! We both loved what we ordered and loved the place. It's definitely on our "go back to" menu.

Les Infideles (had the degustation menu)

We both ordered the escargot w/blue cheese in a puff pastry shell; We were disappointed as there was no taste of blue cheese but instead, cheddar. next came their soup of the day, a potato and leak soup-- excellent; next their Trou Normand which, this time, was pear sorbet in a pear liqueur; I ordered the medium rare duck breast with orange sauce, while hubby opted for the filet mignon with blue cheese (yes, he loves his steak). Again the blue cheese tasted an awful lot like cheddar. The waitress was going to ask the kitchen, but never came back with an answer. I suspect they either ran out of blue or are cutting corners. A little disappointing, as we've gone here in the past and have liked it very much. We both ended our meal with a vanilla crème brulee, which was just your standard. I think this one will NOT be on our "return to" list.

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  1. Shopgirl, thanks for your report back! The French BYOB scene is one of the great joys of Montreal, the absolute density of really delicious neighbourhood joints is astounding.

    Now, if we could get more variety in the choice of BYOB cuisines.... Better quality Greek, Italian, Spanish, Asian of any kind, African, etc. well then I'd be very happy ( and perhaps a lot heavier)

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      There's a cute little West African resto on Notre-Dame & Atwater which I know recently got its coveted BYOB license... it's called Gratia Afrika (sp?) and the lady who runs it is so wonderful. I've been 3 times and had a delicious whole grilled fish each time, for a ridiculously low price. To top it off, she put a lot of effort into the adorable decor - giraffe print!

      In fact when I have some time I'm going go back and then write some more about it.

      1. re: nochainsplease

        OOH nochainsplease, that sounds delightful! Thanks for the heads up!

        1. re: nochainsplease

          That sounds great, I might take a friend there next week. I couldn't find it when Googling, could you tell me which corner it's on? Is it on ND east of Atwater, near Quoi de n'oeuf? Thanks!

          1. re: kpzoo

            I suggest calling ahead to let her know you're coming - I think she closes early if she doesn't have any customers!
            I think business is slow, but let's change that and encourage a small resto that deserves to be successful!
            I will post the phone number if I pass by tonight.
            It's on the south side of ND, just west of Atwater, near Mumbai.

            1. re: nochainsplease

              I'd be going for lunch, do they open then? Thanks for the help!

              1. re: kpzoo

                Ok, weird... I passed by tonight around 7:30 and the door was locked! Lights were on inside and there was no indication that it was closed down or anything like that. I took down the number - it's 514-932-0250. I plan to go back on my next free night and see what's going on! If you go (or call), I'd love an update.

                1. re: nochainsplease

                  Thanks! I'll let you know if I find out anything.