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Jun 30, 2008 03:39 PM

Moving away from Austin - Where to eat?

My boyfriend and I are leaving Austin for Denver in a week.

We're trying to hit all the best restaurants with the time we have left here. The problem is, between packing and job hunting in Denver, I am too frazzled to remember everywhere we need to go! We're looking to revisit old favorites as well as try places we never got around to.

So tell me, if you had 7 dinners and a lunch left before you moved away from here, where would YOU go?

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  1. These might not be everyone's favorites (there's no BBQ on here - I just couldn't decide on that one great BBQ place) but they are some of my favorites. I wouldn't leave town without visiting them:

    1) Habana Calle - mojitos and the deadly cuban sandwich with a side of yuca fritas
    2) Hog Island Deli - Philly Cheesesteaks
    3) Juan in a Million - Breakfast Tacos
    4) Buenos Aires Cafe - Empanadas and Argentinian Shepherd's Pie
    5) ASTI Trattoria and Dolce Vita
    6) New World Deli - sandwiches
    7) Enoteca Vespaio - awesome paninis, pastas, pizzas

    Others just off the top of my head:

    - Lamberts - brunch kicks ass, general top-quality local find
    - Nutty Brown Cafe - Sunday Brunch with live music
    - Thai Passion
    - Bombay Bistro - best Indian food in Austin
    - P. Terry's - burgers and milkshakes
    - Flip Happy Crepes
    - 1886 Cafe and Bakery - decadent desserts
    - Hyde Park Bar and Grill - good food and Wom Kim's Peach Pudding
    - Sampaio - Mojitos, Coxinha de Frango, paella

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      sampaio is one of my favorites that I had forgotten, great list, thank you!

    2. dinners....

      Pho Van
      Din Ho
      Clay Pit
      Shilla Korean BBQ
      Vivo (really just for the patio + margaritas)


      House Park BBQ

      Happy chowing in Denver!

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        We actually do Pho Van for lunch every friday and have for the last year :) I think we're going to hit up Din Ho tonight so I can get my duck and won ton fix!

      2. Having moved away and come back (just recently), it was the foods you couldn't find that you miss the most. Saying that, I'd worry less about getting the best meals and opt for meals and experiences you're not likely to find (or find as easily) in Denver: So here's a thematic approach.

        A tour of your favorite BBQ's (there will be a few BBQ there, but it will not be the same)
        Gumbo and jambalaya (Gene's, Mrs. B's, Shoal Creek)
        Any place where you can hang out outside, listen to live music, drink, and eat as the evening starts to cool (and let yourself de-stress from moving issues)
        Southern cooking (such as Hoover's; don't trust any place in Denver that claims to have it)
        Central Market (trust me, if you like to cook you'll miss it)

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          >Southern cooking (such as Hoover's; don't trust any place in Denver that claims >to have it)

          oooh, not true! Do a search for Stueben's on the chow boards for home cooking in Denver better than any I've found in Austin (and I've been here my whole life).

        2. Seconding the notions of really special stuff you can't get elsewhere, I would say these two things:

          1. Breakfast at Juan in a Million
          2. BBQ in Lockhart - a last drive down 183 to Smitty's Market.