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Jun 30, 2008 03:34 PM

CALGARY Prix fixe

Flipping through the new City Palate summer edition, I noticed a few restaurants advertising weekday three-course prix fixe menus for relative deals of $35 (Blink, Tribune, and Le Germain last month)

I think the catch is they're time-fixed to 5-7 pm. I'm guessing it's to drum up business in the slower summer months? (prob not during Stampede though)

Anyway, wondering if anyone's been?

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  1. Haven't been to any of the prix fixe offerings yet but I love having the prix fixe option (having come from ON/QC) and I think it's a great way for restaurants to show their stuff during traditionally slow times (keeps the kitchen on their toes). Will report back when I've been :)

    1. Not yet but I spotted the ad for Blink in City Palate too - I just double-checked the ad and their prix-fixe menu is available Mon-Sat 5-6pm only.

      Brava Bistro's ad says there's a first-sunday-evening-of-the-month 3 course special for $32/per person. Sunday July 6th is coming up. If it weren't for Stampede(notoriously difficult to get a babysitter) I'd suggest to DH we'd go there for a date night.

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        Brava has been doing this for at least a couple of years and I have only managed to get there once! It was very nice and a good buy. Just go next month ;)

      2. CHEFS TABLE PRIX FIXE NIGHT: I got an e-mail for a special Prix Fixe night at Chef's table at the end of July 09 with wine pairings included. I can't go that night :( but any foodies that have been meaning to get there this is a great opportunity for a bit of a bargain (only a bit) at one of Calgary's very finest places. Check it out!

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          What night is this? There's nothing about it on the website.

        2. i did the two course menu at blink $26 for lunch in may (they do the same menu lunch and dinner) and it was excellent! i'd like to try more things at Blink but their regular menu seems really pricey...i like their make-over too, more sophisticated than before.

          i also went to st Germain in the winter and it was great (free corkage too!) they usually know the menu around 4pm so you can call ahead and figure out a proper wine pairing :)

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            We just went to the three-course lunch prix fixe ($15) at Vero Bistro on 10th Ave. in Kensington. I had a salad-- a few slices of filet mignon over mesclun, angel hair pasta with chicken and roasted zuccini, and sorbet. (I think the prix fixe menu changes, though.) All nicely prepared, and they forgot a component of my pasta dish (a garlic toast) so comped an extra sorbet dessert for my husband. I felt it was a really good deal, considering I've spent $15 for not-so-good lunches too many times to count. As far as I know, they run this lunch deal every weekday.