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Been to Sander's Corner lately?

I heard that it was under new ownership and that there was more focus on the food. Has anyone tried it out?

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  1. We went there for breakfast a few weeks ago. It was as good as it was before. But then again, how do you ruin breakfast?

    I've never been there for lunch or dinner. What was your take on that?

    1. How long ago was it taken over by new ownership? i went there a year or so ago for dinner & it was pretty bad. Can't recall what i had.

      1. From what I understand, it would have changed hands in the past few months. I read an article in some type of Towson newspaper and it seemed promising. There was going to be an on-site pastry chef.

        Previously, we went there for the view, not the food.

        1. My last time there was maybe 15 years ago after a remodel. When they told me that I could no longer get an ice cream cone to go, I refused to return. The upscaled version just didn't match up with my previous experiences and desires for the business. (What I'm trying to say is that they ruined a good thing)

          Sorry, I guess that wasn't much help to you but that's all I have.

          1. For those of us not familiar with a restaurant, it helps if you mention where the restaurant is located - even better if you add it to the title. :)

            I'm assuming it is in Towson, MD?

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              Agree. Anyhow, Sander's Corner is located on Cromwell Bridge Road in Towson/Parkville, MD. FoiGras

            2. My family dined there about 5 months ago for a Sunday lunch. It was still as awful as it was when I went there nearly three years ago. I got the crab soup which was incredibly salty and pretty much inedible. My husband got the fish and chips and asked for malt vinegar... they told him that they didn't have any vinegar. Ummm... yeah... we won't be returning unless something exciting happens there.

              1. I found the article:


                It appears that the new ownership took place very recently. According to the article, the head chef is Cindy Lee who was previously worked at Peerce's Plantation. Lee is making the strawberry pie that used to be on Haussner's menu.

                I may have to take the plunge and try it!

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                  Geez--do all of you Hounds miss Peerce's as much as I do?

                  But, it'll be interesting to see hat the new chef can do to upgrade/improve Sander's Corner. It's such a lovely location deserving a wonderful restaurant.

                  And strawberry pie to boot. I would hope that Ms. Lee can adapt some of Peerce's standard dishes at Sander's. (Although, they may be too pricey for the venue at Sander's). I know that Peerce's wasn't novelle or trendy, but I loved the atmosphere and really miss the old-fashioned atmosphere, just like Brass Elephant, Marticks, etc. The old Baltimore standards. Long gone are Marconi's, Chesapeake, Danny's, Haussner's. Many are replaced by national chains. Not necessarily a bad thing, but we need to hang on to the heritage of Baltimore institutions, of which there are only a few of the original restaurants left. At least Little Italy hangs on. FoiGras

                2. Just had dinner at Sander's Corner and it was...just okay. Granted we didn't try any of the entrees; instead I had the hot turkey sandwich and my husband had the burger. Actually, he said the burger was good. I wasn't impressed with the hot turkey. I had envisioned turkey that was roasted on site, but instead it was pressed turkey.

                  The best part was the desserts which-with the exception of a cheesecake-are made in house. We tried both the apple crisp and cococut cake and both were good.

                  However, the restaurant feels as though nothing has changed. Which may be good or bad depending on how you felt about the restaurant prior to the change in ownership. It appears as though nothing had changed about the interior or exterior. I couldn't even tell if the menu had changed.

                  I think it's the type of the place that you frequent if you live nearby, but otherwise it isn't worth the drive.