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Jun 30, 2008 03:02 PM

What healthy dips/appetizers are you putting out for guests?

Would like to try something different from guacamole so I'd love to hear new suggestions.

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  1. bean dips are always a good bet - lots of fiber, a little protein...just don't load them up with oil, sour cream, or other fatty components. tons of possibilities depending on which beans & cuisines you like.

    salsa is another one - if you don't go too heavy on the sodium, it doesn't get much healthier than that.

    and i always serve my own homemade chips - baked, not fried, as well as plenty of crudités for dipping.

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      I love Bagna Cauda. Anchovies, Garlic, Olive Oil, Butter warmed up. You can probably make it with just a tad of butter...

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        I used to looooooooooove this stuff. It's one of my few remaining non-produce cravings after more than a decade of vegetarianism.

    2. Hope this doesn't show up twice--I seem to have made my original reply to you disappear! Anyway, I serve crudites with a reduced-fat peanut dip (that people seem to love), hummus flavored with pesto, and sometimes homemade crackers (from Bittman's How to Cook Everything--I flavor with cayenne pepper or cracked black pepper). The cracker recipe does use butter (about 2 Tbsp for the entire recipe), but it's free from all of the additives you might find in commercial crackers. And they are darn tasty!

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        can you paraphrase the cracker recipe? I'd love to make my own. Thanks!

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          Will you share your reduced-fat peanut dip recipe?

          Thank you!

        2. I make hummus in the blender with garlic, lots of lemon juice, a can of chickpeas, tahini, a jar of roasted red peppers, and a squirt of sriracha sauce. Serve with crudites and wedges of pita bread.

          1. Goodhealthgourmet is being coy! Her Spicy Black Bean Dip is killer good and quite's the link & you'll need to scroll down a little bit for the recipe...I've made it a number of times and have passed the recipe along to others who also love it:


            You can't go wrong with hummus as another pointed out; it's delicious with celery dippers and snap peas for dippers, too.

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              awww, stop. you're making me blush :)

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                goodhealthgourmet, I took your black bean dip and homemade chips to a party last night. After leaving it on the food table, I went outside and didn't come back in til much later so I did not get to hear any comments but I can tell you that it was all eaten! That says it all as the table was heavily loaded with food.
                I do not have a spritzer so I combined the oil and lime juice in a bowl and ran the tortillas through it, sort of like making french toast except that it was a quicker dip than than, then stacked and cut them. It worked fine but the chips were so good that I'm thinking I'll watch for a spritzer to make it that much easier. We'll want to make these again.

                I liked thatthe dip calls for things we already have in the house (at least as long as the cilantro plants keep going) so it is easy and inexpensive to do.

                Thanks very much for a delicious and healthy recipe!

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                  yay! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. definitely invest in a spritzer - you can get a 'misto' for under $10 at places like bed, bath & beyond...i have a dedicated one just for the chip seasoning now :)

            2. I made this Olive and Artichoke Tapenade last night for the 2nd time. Both times (different set of guests) it got rave reviews.

              I did change it a little, though, based on the reader reviews. Used marinated artichokes and added some garlic. I also added a few more olives than called for.