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Jun 30, 2008 03:00 PM

Rose of Sharon-Loch Raven and Taylor

We tried Rose of Sharon this past weekend after seeing a brief write up in the City Paper. This was our first experience with Caribbean/Jamaican food and--although I have nothing else to compare it to--it was really good and really cheap.

For about $22, we had jerk chicken, beans and rice, plantains, cabbage, 2 meat pies (chicken and beef), macaroni and cheese, a slice of chocolate cake and something called black cake.

The jerk chicken was my favorite. It was really spicy and flavorful. The mild beef one was good, but not fantastic. Since it was the "mild" one, I am assuming that there was a spicier one that was sold out. The chicken meat pie was so spicy and good. The desserts are also made there and both were very good. The black cake was a fruit cake with lots of rum. My least favorite was the macaroni and cheese, which I found to be a bit dry.

The ladies who were working there were very friendly. As far as I could tell, the menu changes daily and many items run out. They told us that if we called earlier in the day, they could reserve whatever we wanted.

It's only a carryout, but totally worth it.

If anyone tries it, please post. I would love to hear about other people's experiences.

Here's the recent post in the City Paper:

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  1. I had planned to try it this past weekend after reading the review but forgot...thanks for reminding me!

    1. which shopping center is it in?

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        According to the City Paper the southeast corner of Loch Raven and Tayler. That would be caticorner (sp) from the Giant.

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          The shopping center with the Salvos!

      2. I stopped by yesterday and ordered the jerk chicken. I just wanted the chicken so she showed me the container a "side" of chicken came in and I said "I'll take two"! I also wanted to try their spicy beef patty. I heard a lot of chopping...loud thwacks from the kitchen and when I got home I found out what it was...for some reason, instead of separating the chicken into parts, they just whack it with a cleaver wherever they want...too funny. anyway...the patty was so delicious I ate it on the way home. No premade pastry here...this is the real, flaky deal, and the filling was very flavorful and spicy, but not too much. I will go back again and try the chicken one. I opened the box of chicken (she had combined my two orders into one container) and picked up the top part of the leg (the bottom was not there, I'm assuming from one of the big whacks...) and it was absolutely delicious. This is not for the faint of heart though. It is VERY spicy much so that my mouth felt it for about a half hour afterwards! This is chicken that reminds me of what I had in Jamaica about 15 years ago...I swear they jerk it over olivewood, but where they'd get it I don't know. There was probably a whole chicken in the box, or darned close to it. The price for all that and the beef patty....drumroll please....$5.83! It looks like a family operation, and the woman that waited on me was very sweet...They have Saturday and Sunday specials, and even breakfast on one of those days (not sure which, but think it's Saturday). They have the above mentioned desserts which looked yummy, and also roti, (which I've never had, and callaloo which I have....similar to spinach.
        Can't believe the flavor...I brought the rest of the chicken to work today for a friend with a cast iron mouth...he will love it!

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          P.S. they also had cow heel something...soup I think...didn't try it!

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            very spicy jerk?? I am so checking it out!

        2. I am now a regular customer. I grew up eating Caribbean food, and as someone who has actually lived in the Caribbean, I must say that their food is great. Everything is well seasoned and very tasty. I especially like the King fish and the Snapper. The curried chicken is good as well. Just call in advance if you want fish because it's now always readily available and you may have to wait for them to cook it. BUT, even if so, it is well worth the wait. I HIGHLY reommend this restaurant to anyone who loves AUTHENTIC Caribbean food.