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Jun 30, 2008 02:40 PM

I-95 between Stamford and Bronx

I just started a new job where i'll be driving from Queens to Stamford (and back)a couple times a week.
I know this isn't very chowhoundish - but i'll be working late some nights - and i just want to find a place where i pick up dinner and drive home instead of worrying about cooking after 9pm.
any suggestion for places that's easy to get to from I-95 in Stamford or Greenwich. I'm even open to fast food joints. right now i don't know anything - and can't seem to find anything either.

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  1. Try posting this in the "Tristate Region" for best results.

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      I agree this probably fits more into Tristate Region, but here are a few ideas:

      Burgers Shakes & Fries in Byram - just off the Delavan Ave. exit of 95 - I highly recommend the burger with gorgonzola. See www.burgersshakesnfries.com

      Q in Port Chester, NY - BBQ restaurant that has take-out, www.qrestaurantandbar.com

      Sherwood's in Larchmont, NY - a bit further off 95, known for their ribs, the Tollhouse Cookie Pie desert is great...ask for the ice cream on the side for take out. www.culinarymenus.com/sherwoods.htm

    2. Kira Sushi in Greenwich.

      1. I really like the hot dogs at Duchess on Exit 13.