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Jun 30, 2008 02:30 PM

Dining suggestions for Ontario, CA

I mentor a girl who is moving to Rialto, CA. From what I can see, there is not much in the form of good dining there. Ontario has been reccommended, what can you share with me? I am looking to give her some guidance as she leaves. Thank you...

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  1. Do you know what she likes? How old is she? What are her preferences? Price range?
    You're right, Rialto is not that large a town, and pretty much a culinary wasteland -
    If you can give us some details, maybe we can give a few suggestions for the general area.

    1. Riverside is close to Rialto and has several outstanding restaurants. In Ontario there are several okay chain restaurants in Victoria Garden.

      Restaurant Omakase‎ (Japanese-French fusion, their tasting menu is stellar)
      3720 Mission Inn Ave
      Riverside, CA - (951) 788-8820‎

      Las Campanas at the Mission Inn
      3649 Mission Inn Ave,
      Riverside, CA - (951) 341-6767‎
      Excellent Mexican and Margaritas

      Redlands also has several good restaurants
      Farm Artisan Foods Restaurant‎t
      22 E.State Street,
      Redlands, CA - (909) 792-1162‎