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Jun 30, 2008 02:30 PM

Honeymooning in San Sebastian, Spain

I am leaving for a honeymoon in 3 weeks beginning in Barcelona and continuing on to San Sebastian. My fiance and I are hoping to see some wineries as well as have some memorable meal experiences.

Any advice?

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  1. There are several Michelin 3-star restaurants in and around San Sebastian. There are also some wonderful tapas bars where you can indulge without spending a fortune. Do a search on this board, for San Sebastian and for specific restaurants, Arzak, Akelare, Mugaritz. If you take a day trip to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim, have lunch in the cafe (there is also a serious restaurant at the museum, but it is very expensive, and the cafe is run by the same chef). You get 3 courses (with quite a few choices), a full bottle of wine and a liter of water for 2 people, for 14 euros per person. When we went last September, we kept the lunches cheap and splurged on dinners at Arzak and Akelare. It was definitely worth it. In Barcelona, I would recommend Alkimia, La Dama, and Cinq Sentits. You can search these on this board for additional info, too. Oh, and if you happen to get to Pamplona, have lunch at Rodero. Heavenly. Be sure to report back after your trip and have a great time!

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      I'm headed to Barcelona & San Sebastian this weekend and have found a lot of great info by perusing this board. Thanks for the additional tips re: the Guggenheim and Pamplona. Right now we're booked at Cinc Sentits, Akelare and a couple of other places (unfortunately Arzak was full). I have my notebook ready to go and will report back on some of my findings!

    2. How are you traveling? If by car stop in the Rioja region and spend a day or two touring the wineries. Lots of spectacular architecture and some good celler doors - plus there is the Frank Gehry designed hotel at one winery which is pretty cool - say you are going to the restaurant to get past security. (

      I am heading to San Sebastian again next month and have booked Mugaritz for my top meal - my last meal there was fantastic.

      As rrems says the tapas bars are really good - different to Barcelona. Do try both the old and new town (across the river - your hotel may have a map wit them) as some of the ones in the new town are off the tourist route and are better than the more obvious ones in the old town. Before 10:00 simply cruise the bars and snack, or later in the evening book a table in the back of the bar for a sit down meal.