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Jun 30, 2008 02:09 PM

anyone got a fried dough recipe

Special request from my nephews who had great fried dough at a theme park last weekend. If you've got a recipe, we'd like to try it. Thanks

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  1. I don't really have a recipe but my grandmother used to make fried dough for us when we were little. She would buy the pre-made fresh pizza dough at the super market ( I grew up in Rochester NY) and fry up small peices of it streched out a little, in a frying pan with Crisco or Vegetable Oil. While they were still hot she would coat the pieces with sugar. Looking back, completely unhealthy but oh so delicious.

    1. This is quite similar to a treat my grandmother made for us mannny years ago; except for the red wine. She would never use wine or spirits of any kind in anything..
      You may like it too:

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        Actually, it is quite different since pizza dough has yeast. My grandmother would make pizza dough and fry them as zeppoli. Some were savory and had an anchovy stuffed inside; the rest were dusted with sugar. Most pizzarias will sell you dough, and it also is often found in the refrigerator case of many supermarkets.

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          So I'm just looking for a pizza dough it seems. Thought it would be something lighter but maybe small, stretched pieces produce the airy quality that I think of when I think of fried dough.

      2. When I think of fried dough, I think of Navajo fry bread, It is just flour, salt baking powder and water, patted out like a thick torilla and fried. Also, when I was a camp counselor, we sometimes make little balls of Bisquick dough and fried in Crisco. The kids loved them with cinnamon and sugar. Nothing about fried dough is going to be healthy anyway, so just go for it!

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          Yeah, I never thought of it as a yeast dough, but those Italian nonnies could whip up a pizza dough in a snap so it makes sense that in some homes that's what would be used. So, am I looking for a fry bread recipe now? Guess I'll get googling. Not much on Food Network or Epicurious under fried dough.

        2. When my father made a special breakfast, it included fried dough. We used the frozen loaves of dough. Defrosted over night. Don't remember if it was punched down and risen again, I seem to remember that it was. Break off pieces, stretch and fry in a half inch or so of oil. And ALWAYS served with butter and salt. The first time I bought Fried dough at a carnival and all they had was sugar, I was appalled ! I still never eat it that way.

          1. It is fried pizza dough and I believe the italians call it pizza fritta. We used to live in an italian neighborhood and the local pizzeria used to seel them sprinkled with sugar for 50 cents. YumO