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Dallas BYOB list

I have a list I've put together and am wondering if anyone can confirm any of the uncomfirmed listings. I put an asterisk on those I know are current BYOB. Please feel free to add listings!

Afghan Grill
*Bangkok Inn
Besa's Pizza and Pasta 5
Cafe Amore
Cafe Greek
*Campania Pizza and More
Caravelle Chinese and Vietnamese
Cathy's Wok
Central 214
Covino's (Italian)
Dalat (Closed)
Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill
Flavor Asian Fusion and Dessert Bar
*Food From Galilee
Indya Fusion
Kozy Kitchen
LA Gourmet Pizza
Mai's Vietnamese
Momo's Pasta
Pompano Seafood Restaurant
Roti Grill-
RJ's Crustaceans of New Orleans
S&D Oyster Co.
Thai-rriffic Cuisine & Deli
Tukta Thai - Lake Highlands
You Chun

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  1. Where abouts is Dalat??? I used to eat at the one on Bryan several years back but they closed and Alessio's moved in. Was just curious since I saw the mention or is this a dated list?

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      I have it at 4801 Bryan St., so I'm guessing that is a dated inclusion :) Thanks for the update!

    2. Tony's (pizza & Pasta) Northwest Hwy in Lake Highlands

      1. confirm Thai-riffic (as of two weeks ago anyways) and add Simon's Sushi & Jasmine Thai in Plano if you're going outside Dallas proper..which Cathy's is, btw they changed their name to JS Chen's like a year ago...pretty old list there.

        1. Suze
          Simon Sushi
          Gregory's in Plano

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            thanks! suze is GOOD to know!

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              I believe Gregory's is no longer BYO since they obtained a liquor license... anyone one else know for sure?

              1. re: donnaaries

                Gregory's did get its license and is no longer BYOB. I talked to the owner about it a few months ago.

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                    We hare having a wine dinner there on July 12, and we are bringing our own, maybe it is BYOB for large parties.

                1. Are you sure about Rafain's?

                  Oishii but as they server wine and beer, they will charge you a corkage fee.

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                    Amici Signature in Carrollton. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet!

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                      Amici is great! It's a real, "sleeper". Chef/owner Bartelino serves the best (call to make sure he has it) veal chop-anywhere!

                    2. re: Scagnetti

                      not sure at all about rafains ;)

                      oishi told me they are no longer BYOB .. but maybe they're having growing pains w/ the addition of the bar?

                      1. re: dg1873

                        Oishii is no longer BYOB. Since this is fairly new policy, not many people may be aware.

                        As far as I understand the law, once you have a liquor license, you are prohibited from allowing BYOB.

                        1. re: Webra1

                          I am not exactly sure what the law in Texas states regarding BYOB in the case of restaurants' having liquor licenses. There are plenty of restuarants, though, that offer BYOB and have at least beer/wine licenses (e.g. Momo's, Suze). Oishii allowed BYOB long after they started serving beer and wine.

                          I am not sure what the cost of BYOB at Suze is. I remember calling them once and remember it was either $25 or $35.

                          1. re: Bhutani

                            Correct. Oishii used to have just a beer/wine permit. Now they have a full liquor license (hard liquor) which I believe changes the rules in Texas on BYOB.

                            1. re: Webra1

                              that would make sense. .. .. ive always wondered where the "line" is as well.

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                            you are allowed to have BYOB with beer/wine, not sure on liquor.

                      2. It would also be great to know the corkage fees, if any.

                        Since I can't edit my original post, I'll just keep track of all comments and post a compiled list at the end.

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                          Eden has a corkage fee of $5.00.

                          I also find the inclusion of Eatzi's as strange. You're able to consume beer and wine that you purchase from them, but I'd guess they really don't have a BYOB policy.

                          Also add Bistro B in Garland for Vietnamese.

                        2. Though they don't have stemware, First Chinese BBQ will let you BYOB.

                          I believe the corkage at Momo's is $15

                          1. Has Eden always had a corkage fee?

                            1. Zorba's in Plano is BYOB.

                              1. You can add Little Sichaun to the list in Plano off Legacy and 75. I don't believe there is a corkage fee there either.

                                1. I would be very surprised if Central 214 even allows one to bring wine, much less is BYOB. Where did you get that information?

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                                    Some friends did it awhile back--maybe have been a year or so ago though, so it definitely could have changed. There was a notable corkage fee.

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                                      While my reply is months late, I can provide information about a website that provides BYO information for 10 major metro areas, GoBYO.com. I'm one of the founders, and hope that our data about corkage fees can be helpful. Feedback is welcome. Cheers!

                                      1. re: GoBYO

                                        Great website. I discovered many places that I did not realize allowed byob or did but with a small fee.

                                        Also just tried a new Asian fusion place on Lemmon called Manow that is BYOB until they get their liquor license. Same owners as Nandina. They have Thai and Sushi. Not really authentic - BIG emphasis on fusion here. Only tried a few things so far, but can recommend Duck Curry, Papaya salad, and Thai broth soup. Prices seem slightly higher than Nandina. 4315 Lemmon Avenue

                                  2. Cowboy Chow in Deep Ellum is also BYOB (at least til their license comes in - sign's posted in the window).

                                    1. Tony's Pizza & Pasta in the Lake Highlands neighborhood

                                      1. Check out http://gobyo.com/index_D.html for BYOW listings in Dallas (not sure how accurate the list is).

                                        Legislation ending prohibition of BYOW by holders of mixed beverage licenses in Texas is currently under consideration in the Texas legislature. The bill (Senate Bill 2523) has passed the Senate and is pending in a House Committee. Testimony on the bill was taken last week and there is some opposition, so you may want to urge your legislator to vote for the bill soon if you want to see this passed before the legislature adjourns in late May.