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Jun 30, 2008 01:55 PM

Restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel

Years ago this place was called the Trattoria and at first was quite a good place to eat and look out over north Austin. As time went on, the quality declined and I forgot about it. I happened to think about it today and went to the hotel website and see they have a place that I believe is called The Banderas or something cowboy sounding. I see that they have a lunch and wonder what it would be like as a lunch altenative in this area that is already devoid of real lunch places of any quality. Any knowledge? Thanks, J.

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  1. I have only eaten there once, but I enjoyed it. They had some interesting choices, and the desserts were lovely. I would recommend it. It has been about 6 months, so I apologize I can't remember any specifics. I have also eaten there for dinner, and enjoyed it as well. I don't know that I would drive out of my way to eat there but if I was in the area, I think it is worth a stop.

    1. It is called Banderas, and while I have not been there yet, I do have a $25 certificate for it that I will use for dinner one of these evenings. This is a great way to try a new place without as much of a financial impact. here is a link to get a certificate if you want, and there is also a menu link there :

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        I'm curious about the gift certs. Right now if you enter the word more into the discount box it gives you a 60% discount, so the already discounted gift certs are way dirt cheap. Have you used the gc's before? I'd love to buy one for Aquarelle. I'm just worried that the restaurants won't honor them.

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          I used one at Zax Pints and Plates last month with no problem. Outstanding brunch, by the way, and good bloody mary bar.

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            I've used many different gc over the past year and have never had any problems.