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Jun 30, 2008 01:48 PM

Is Lighthouse Cafe in Edmonton worth trying?

We are looking for a fish restaurant for dinner before going to the movies at the Princess theater and was wondering if the Lighthouse Cafe in Billingsgate is worth trying. I assume that their ingredients are fresh, given their location, but I would like to know if their kitchen is competent enough to deliver a moist grilled fish or a good fish and chips

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  1. Not really. Surprisingly enough, their ingredients arent always super fresh. The food is ok-decent,but overpriced.

    1. There Fish and chips (halibut) were okay, I just went on Saturday night, but you go there for the specials. I fail to see how an Average price of $15 an entree is overpriced and I'm an university student. The decor is painfully kitsch and in ill repair and the service was a bit to be desired, but it was a good meal. Don't go there for atmosphere.

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        I don't mean to be a prick, but I fail to see how you came to an average of $15 per entree:

        As for overpriced - that's a personal assessment. "Overpriced" is a subjective call, that factors in quality of food, quantity, overall value. Im glad you've had good experiences there. I will concede they were pretty good value when the location first opened up 9 years ago, but visits in the past 4-5 years have been...overpriced.

        Your comments on the service and atmosphere are spot on though.

        1. re: yen

          We tried the Lighthouse Cafe with another couple on Monday night before taking in "The year my parents went on vacation" at the Princess and we had an OK meal. Four main courses, two glasses of house white wine and two local beers came out to $100 before tip. We ordered two halibuts, one sable fish, and one tilapia. I've had better sable fish at Japanese restaurants but my wife's red pepper potato crusted halibut was very good ( I had a taste) , the preparation complimenting the fish texture. I found the preparation of the sable fish with a cream pistachio sauce incongruous as the fish is already buttery, but the sauce was mild and was used sparingly. The fish was, however, slightly undercooked. I did not particularly enjoy the side of rice as I don’t understand the use of converted rice in a restaurant, or anywhere for that matter. The service was basic. We sat outside in the patio and it was lovely summer evening. Overall it was a pleasant experience and given the dearth of fish restaurants in Edmonton we might be back for the halibut (about $18) and to try the fish and chips) (2 pieces of halibut for about $15) (Yen’s comments on the fries noted). The patio sitting was a bonus. It is difficult to judge these days what is overpriced (or not) given the galloping inflation seen in restaurant menus across the city, independent of quality or atmosphere. A hundred dollars at the Saiwoo or Wok King would get you abundant good food for four including fresh seafood. But it is a different dining experience.
          On a final note, at the Princess we paid $4 dollars for a medium size bag of popcorn and $2.50 for a 500ml bottle of Dasani. That is more than we paid in Central Park in New York the previous week.

      2. bad service, bad atmosphere...but - surprisingly good Alaskan halibut. Bad, BAD side dishes (fries are not good, coleslaw terrible) so get the two piece and focus on the fish and it is worth it. If you go for lunch it isn't that expensive. I think I paid $12 or so.

        1. I have only been there once for a fundraiser and the ticket included non-stop fish and chips which were pretty good and the tartar sauce was just fine. Don't remember anything about the fries. But the coleslaw was not great. Can't comment on the service as this event was a self serve thing,

          1. I am Chowhound's new heel, so read carefully.

            I went a couple years ago and had the bouillabaisse. The stock was limp - it had no body and the fishy taste was old not savoury. The rest of the items were uninspired and a little overdone, except for the fish and chips. The fish was good - the fries weren't. If you're desperate it will make a turd; if not try Captain Scott's on 118ave just west of St Albert Trail.