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Jun 30, 2008 01:24 PM

Amsterdam Beer Report

Our trip ended in Amsterdam and with more beer. Again, this is more about the beers than the location:

Café Gollem (Amsterdam): this is a small, crowded, but very cool bar in a little "beer alley" in Amsterdam. We hung out in a small upstairs area with the friendly bar cat sleeping in the chair next to us. The Cracked Kettle beer store is right across the street -- excellent source for shipping beer.

La Chouffe: (tap) very refreshing with nice hop end.
Kwak: (tap) pretty good. Ridiculous glass. (The glass kind of looks like a test tube beaker and sits in a wooden cradle apparatus).
Charles Quint: (tap) nice amber, with spicy undertones
Maresdous 8: (tap) very tasty.
Golden Draak: (tap) tasty dark beer, with a good bitter finish -
XX Bittes: (bottle) bitter, good and hoppy, but maybe a bit one-note. Got better as we drank it. Nice and refreshing. Liked it better this go-round then when we had it at the Trappist in Oakland (also in a bottle).
Cuvee des Trolls: (bottle) Dubuisson. A nice sweet style. Drinkable.

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  1. didn't you love golem? that was my favorite bar in amsterdam. dying to go back.......

    did you try the two amsterdam-made beers... notte and zotte? they were belgian style and incredibly good. i've never seen them offered anywhere else. a very special treat.